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Dec 23, 2017


HEYYYYYYOOOOO! Remember me? Haha, I think the last time I posted was about 4 months ago. But hey, #motherhood. I've made a goal to be much more consistent with the coming year, especially now that I have a grip on juggling life as a new mom! 

ANYWAYS, we had a super fun time creating a wintery look book for one of our favorite brands Wish You Were Northwest! This was one of the first snow falls in Utah and I swear we haven't got a lick of snow since! WTF Utah. Apparently, it's supposed to snow this weekend for Christmas. Because what's Christmas without a little snow yeah? It's my mama's birthday today and we're supposed to head up north and go to Cheesecake Factory (yumma) and see the temple lights! Can't wait to show them to Bill! She's the bestest this time of year. I love having a mini to relive all the fun parts of Christmas through. Even though she has no idea what's going on it's still so fun!! 

If you've ever thought about getting your hands on some of Wish You Were Northwest do it now! Legit the comfiest, softest sweatshirts and pants ever! We wear them every time we step out the door to go on an adventure! Hope you all have a very safe and wonderful Christmas/Holiday! Such a magical time of year, I sure love it! 

Shop our looks at www.wishyouwerenorthwest.com


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