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Oct 28, 2019


I love this time of year! Fall and winter layering is my favorite. Flannels are a staple in mu closet this time of year. They're comfy, so cute, pull you instantly together in a casual way andddd are breastfeeding friendly for my mamas out there! I thought it'd be fun to put a post together of my favorite fall flannels for you guys. I normally snag my flannels from Urban Outfitters. They're relatively inexpensive, great quality and I love their color ways. Hope this guide serves you well.

1.  EARTHY : Last but not least loved this more earthy hued flannel! Really love the gray in contrast with the mauvey salmony color (haha) Such a great look! 

2. MIX IT UP : This flannel is so fun and unique. I love finding pieces like this that spin off the traditional flannel. 

3. BLEACH SPLATTER : I couldn't resist linking this flannel because the way they styled it? JAW DROP I'M DONE. Love the fun wester belt detail and leaving the buttons unbuttoned low. Such a pretty look for a casual style! 

3. THE PATCHWORK : Can't decide on one flannel? This one is fun! Mixes it up and has a fun unexpected spin on a flannel. 

4.  MY FAV : This is my personal favorite one. I have it and wear it all the time! It's such a good color and such a great fit. Really into this top!

5. BLUE MOON : These pretty blues were too good to pass up! Really like the softer, blue on blue pattern on this top! A more subtle look if you're a first timer!

6. FEELING BLUE : Love this color way sooo much! Such a gorgeous color that really suits so many skin tones and I love the pop of orange on it!

7. MIX IT UP : This flannel is so fun and unique. I love finding pieces like this that spin off the traditional flannel. 

8. CLASSIC BLACK AND RED : You can't go wrong with a classic red and black flannel with this pattern. This one is so cute and traditional and will last you through the holidays and more! 

9. CHECK MATE : Really was feeling the smaller pattern on this flannel. It's less intense and more subtle but really love the blue with the black. I love how they styled it pattern on pattern. Such a fun good look! 

Hope this guide helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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