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Wait what! It's Tuesday, so weird! This month is going by so fast it's maj stressing me out. I still have so much to do and post and BLAH. Haha, geez I need life to slow down a bit. Life has been like insane lately. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off and then it was terribly sewn back on. Like HAHA jk, here's a nice curve ball for you. But who's life isn't busy ya know. It's just like hey, get used to it. It's LIFE. Busy is good, better than boring. Speaking of busy it's already 11:35pm so FML. Anyways my obsession for bell bottoms runs deep. I don't think I'll ever give them up. I just love em. 

Hope you enjoy your Tuesday and this wonderful September weather. P.S. totes bought pumpkins yesterday for decoration and I'm obsessed. They're the warty ones and I got them from Whole Foods and I love em. 

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Band Of Gypsies ☾✰


Friday finally! Yay for that! This week was a good week - we finalized so big life changes and me and the babe are feeling great about our future. I also started a new little side biz so if you haven't yet go check out my insta @alternativeindigolips - you won't regret it ;) Me and Adam's anniversary is on Monday and it seems crazy that we've been married a whole 2 years. Marriage is a funny and strange thing, haha. The more I think about 'being married' to someone the funnier it is. But I love it. No one in the world I'd rather wake up to every morning than my Uncle Yaddum. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend. The air is crisp and screams fall. I'm going to be lighting up my new patchouli candles, make wreaths and clean my disaster of house. Enjoy! 

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Pictures by my love.

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Last Take On Summer ☾✰


Fall is nearly upon us and I can hardly contain my excitement. The trees on the mountains are slowly showing bright yellow and red tones and the air seems to be cooling. I've been soaking up as much of summer as I possibly can before the cold winter months creep up and I thought this look was perfect for the summer to fall transition if it's still warm enough for a swim! I love the look of these slightly above the knee boy shorts. Got the idea from Kendall Jenner *where you at gurrrlll*. She was rocking a look very similar to this one at Coachella last year! Anyways, I love that by throwing on some shorts and a super light cards over your swim suit it turns it into a cozy and super effortless swim look. I paired everything with a straw hat and some super cute pointed boots and I love the way it turned out! I love buying suits now because everything is clearancing (um apparently that's not a word) out for winter so you can snag the swimmies that you've had your eyes on for super good deals! 

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So Damn Magical ☾✰


Happy Tuesday Friends! I'm so excited for a new week and for what the future holds. We've had a crazy month full of tons of HUGE life decisions and big changes and basically it's been emotionally draining. I haven't felt this drained while doing 'nothing' in a very long time. I'll keep you guys in the loop as soon as I can but for now, hang tight :) Anyways, I'm obsessed with this graphic tee. It's so funny and basically makes me feel magical! 

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Pics by my love.

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