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Hi guys! Sorry I've been dead on the internet the past few days! We took a red eye flight to Bonita Springs, Florida and I've been catching some rays and napping my life away! Yay for vacations though. This one was much needed and extremely over-due. Nothing quite like sporting a baby bump on the beach. Haha. I kept asking Adam if it looks like I'm prego or it looks like I've got a beer belly. Hahah, the struggles. Anyways I love this layered look! 


pics by the ever so lovely Chantel Marie.

With awkward weather happening as of late in Utah I love layering so that I can take off layers if it does happen to get super warm all the sudden! I layered this amazing top under a short and sweet little dress and I love the way it turned out. I'm not huge on belting at the waist normally but because it helps the bump show off a little more I thought it was necessary for this look! Speaking of layers can we chat about these pretty necklaces for a second, *swoon*. They're from The 2 Bandits and it's their newest collection and it is absolute perfection! I've been loving this little bag too by Nat & Nin! Such a sweet little addition to any outfit. I just love it. I'm embracing taking small little bags around anywhere and everywhere before the baby comes and I have to upgrade to a diaper bag :) So cheers to baby bags! I'll be taking tons of pics here in the next day or so for our trip but haven't whipped out the camera yet because (sleep deprived). Oh! And baby girl kicked a whole bunch on the beach yesterday. I think we have an ocean lover :) Between the sun, cool wind and waves crashing down she seemed to be a happy little bean. Didn't want to forget that! I'll do another prego update here this week! Have a wonderful day loves! 

Videos: lights, camera, action!

It's not everyday I'm a city slicker haha, I don't get out much lolz. Real talk though, I met Chantel Marie in the city to shoot a couple looks and first stop was the Rose Cafe and it didn't disappoint! After we shot this look we went inside and I enjoyed a delicious coconut creme puff and Chantel had some yummy rose infused herbal tea. So good. With that being said, I highly suggest check this little corner out in SLC. It's right be Pierpont Ave and the gateway! Such a cute little place.

Onto Pregger update. Baby is 22 weeks today! HOLY COW. She's the size of a spaghetti squash (UM WHAT) and nearly a pound. She's about 11 inches long and finally starting to look like a miniature newborn. Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums! Her eyes are formed but she doesn't yet have iris's. I can feel baby move way more than even last week. I thought she only moved at night but boy was I wrong. Seems like we've got ourselves a little wild child already. She's always up to something in there. Feeling a baby move is the CRAZIEST thing ever. I can't even explain it. It doesn't really feel like what I feel like people try and explain it as on the internet. Like I never felt little butterflies or anything like that just a THUMP out of no where. I'm assuming I didn't feel her early movements because 1 I'm a first time mama and 2 my stomach is ALWAYS gurgling (so many food issues going on here). She kicked me super hard 4 times the other night and I was certain Adam would be able to feel her but she always stops kicking as soon as he puts his hand on my stomach. Haha, stubborn gal. Like mama and pop. I can't wait for him to feel her. I know that will make him so excited! 

top | skirt | shoes | bag | jewels |

*pics by chantel marie

The crib was delivered today! Yay! So exciting. We've already gotten the stroller and the last 'big' thing we need to get is her carseat. I feel like so prepared already! It's so great. I haven't really talked about my birth plan yet on any socials so I thought I'd update you guys here! So I am with the American Fork Valley Midwifes. Basically I rotate through a group of midwifes and one will be on call when I go into labor and that will be who ultimately delivers my baby. I've also hired a Doula, the amazing Liz Warren. I am sooo excited to have her additional support in this journey. I feel like I connected with her immediately and she has the best energy and ora ever so we feel so grateful to have her take part in this journey. We will be delivering at the American Fork hospital. I am planning on doing an unmedicated birth with no medical interventions (unless me or the baby is at risk). I've enrolled in a hypnobirthing class and plan to use that course to help me deliver my little one in the most calm way possible. (I know what your think, omg LOL SHE HAS NO CLUE). But I'm really excited to learn everything I can. I've done a ton of research about the birthing process and natural birthing and I just feel so passionate about it! There is nothing more divine and beautiful than to carry and child and bring it into the world. I want to experience every second of it. And feel it all. I want to feel human. That's why I chose the unmedicated hypnobirthing method :) Adam is 100% onboard and I am so grateful for his love and support! He will be attending the classes with me as well and attending our Doula appointments prior to the birth! 

So yeah! That's that. I chose a hospital rather than a birth center for my first because it just felt right. I will be able to labor in the tub and give birth in any position I feel comfortable with. I'm excited to not be strapped down and feel trapped. I can't even imagine feeling that way or feeling like numb. I would feel so smothered and I don't do that well under those kind of circumstances! Plus I react pretty terrible to most medicines and I really don't want to risk such an amazing day with a bad reaction or intolerance so I'm going el naturel. Yippee. Anywho, call me crazy. Can't wait for this chapter to continue to unfold. It's been such a great journey thus far. 

Happy Monday guys! Today I woke up to a winter wonderland outside. It's already snowed about 3 inches in the past 3 hours and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Hooray. JK. I'm so over the snow! There are a million and one reasons why I'm done with it like.... My car doesn't start when it snows, I can't exercise outside. I'm basically trapped in my house. ETC. But whatever. There are like 20 days until Spring right? Once that comes, I'm counting on tulips, blooms, green. All the goods.

I really love this look. I absolutely love the dress paired with the jeans. Which BTW this is legit the last pair of jeans I can wear with the bump. They're the only pair I own that aren't high waisted and I can button them up right underneath my boo. Anyways, I think it's just a fun layered look and I love it for these awkward weather months where you're not really sure what to wear! Also, this trench coat I 100% recommend picking up if you've been on the search for a good, warm one! It's heavy and warm and the perfect color and shape. Not too Inspector Gadget-y and really is just the bench trench coat I've ever owned. Anyways, 21 weeks today! Yay! I'll do a preggo update again soon but don't want to bored you all too much with that. 

To my sweet baby girl, 

Yesterday we got to see you. We got to see you for a real long time. We went in for your routine 20 week anatomy ultra sound and you looked absolutely perfect. 10 fingers, 10 toes, 4 chambers in your little heart. And I couldn't believe how much you were moving! It was crazy to see you on the screen and feel you move at the same time. There is nothing quite like hearing your little heart beat. Your heart beats so fast! Like 162 bpm. It's amazing. It sounds like a galloping horse. You were practicing some baby yoga inside mama's tummy and had your feel above your head almost the whole time. You were crossing your sweet little legs and making us fall more and more in love with you. We have a follow up appointment on March 10th. To make sure everything is still perfect. I know it will be. I just love you so much already. I can't imagine how much more I could possibly love you. But I know this is only the beginning of a mother's love. 

'My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.'

I love you so much.



Where has the time gone?! 20 weeks already? I can't believe we are half way there with our little! It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the weeks to hit 12 weeks. Pregnancy has been an amazing journey and I feel like I've learned so much about my body already. What a miraculous miracle it is to carry a child. There's nothing like it. With that being said, there is also never a time in my life that I've felt more vulnerable. It's like I went into instant mommy mode :) I love looking back on other bloggers pregnancy updates and honestly love journaling what exactly I'm going through so I can look back so here I am again with a 20 week update! 

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 ☾✰ How far along? 

20 weeks and counting! Going in for our 20 week anatomy ultra sound this Thursday. Fingers crossed the little is doing just perfect. 

 ☾✰ How big is the peanut? 

Baby is the size of a banana (or length) kind of a weird fruit to compare too ;) She's 10 1/2 oz. and about 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom. 10 inches long from head to heel. 

☾✰ Total weight gain/loss? 

7 lbs. at my last appointment. Which was about 3 weeks ago. We'll see what we are up to tomorrow! I don't have a working scale at home.

☾✰ Maternity clothes? 

Not yet - but having a hard time wearing pants. I've been wearing skirts and sweat pants on the daily. I definitely need to get my hands on some maternity pants though! All my current pants are high waisted. Like I legit don't own a regular pair on pants. Otherwise I could just button them under the bump. 

☾✰ Sleep?

Sleeping pretty good. I'm a back sleeper so I've been propping up lots of pillows and sleeping really high lately. I've been having insane lucid dreams and it leaves me feeling pretty exhausted emotionally in the morning but at least I'm making it through the night??

☾✰ Best moment this week? 

Baby girl kicked me so hard in the car that I shouted, "WOAH!" That was such an amazing moment! I've felt her a few other times but she got me good this time. I was also laying in bed drinking ice water and she moved a bunch every time I had a sip. That was the best thing ever too! Nothing like feeling her move. 

☾✰ Symptoms? 

Headaches, fatigue and blood sugar dropping super quick. I get headaches almost every night and feel tired most of the time. I also find that if I don't have a snack I get super sick all the sudden and need to lay down. Or if I wait too long in between meals. 

☾✰ Food cravings? 

Peanut butter toast. Orange Juice. Green smoothies (spinach, oj, hemp seeds, banana, mango, peaches, pineapple, lime), Yellow Mangos, Sour Pink Lemonade, Frozen Yogurt, Ginger's Cafe Falafel Salad.

☾✰ Food aversions? 

Dairy. Meat. Hamburgers. UGH THE SMELL I CAN'T. Anything but plain hummus. 

☾✰ Gender? 

Little baby girl.

☾✰ Labor signs? 

Nope. And thanks goodness! 

☾✰ Belly button in or out? 

In :) 

☾✰ What I miss?

Raw sushi. Holding knees up to my chest comfortably. Sleeping flat on my back. Pulling up pants and doing them up (haha).

☾✰ What I'm looking forward to? 

Meeting our little angel. Decorating her nursery. Spring cleaning. Consistent movement. Summer.

☾✰ Milestones? 

Halfway done! Wahoo!

☾✰ Bump?

Little baby bump! Finally. Took her long enough! 

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