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This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend Revitalize Retreats. I can't even begin to explain my experience. It was unreal. Basically I went to Moab with 14 complete strangers and attended a Yoga and Fitness retreat. I have never been more scared to attend something in my entire life! I mean just imagine, I'm introverted and not great with crowds or strangers and I am definitely a home body, but I was choosing *yes choosing* to go attend this retreat with strangers, IN THE DESERT, with no cell phone service! Haha, I tried my very hardest not to let this scare me, I mean in all actuality how bad could it really be? I'm so so happy to report that attending this retreat was one of the BEST experiences of my entire life. I was so afraid of returning and feeling exhausted, weak and the need to recharge, instead - I felt alive, recharged, refreshed, passionate and ready to tackle anything! Which is not the way I feel being around people the majority of the time. We woke up before sunrise everyday, had amazing food and company awaiting us, and explored the amazing natural formations of Moab. We went white water rafting and canyoneering. We attended happiness workshops and got our bums kicked in circuit training and wound down with yoga. Which BTW, Kait VanHoff is one of the BEST yoga instructors I've ever had the pleasure of practicing with. Her practice is unreal. So if you're in Utah I highly recommended sneaking into one of her classes. She makes you feel like a million bucks after your practice. And hi, can I please have Lindsay Riding's bod? Her ab and Plexus Wheel circuit was unreal and so challenging and I couldn't even laugh the day after. (I'm still sore, so love you, and kind of hate you). Anyways, I wanted to document some of my feelings right after the retreat so I can look back and read about it. I'm planning on doing a little YouTube video of some amazing footage I got from the retreat and I'll be sure to share that with you! I just feel so amazingly blessed and grateful to have been able to spend the weekend with such an amazing group of ladies + gent that were all beautiful and unique in their own way. I learned a lot about myself and I hope to attend many more retreats like these in the future! I'll do another post completely dedicated to my experience with more detail - but for now, that's all! Enjoy these pictures of this beautiful wrap dress and amazing accessories from Jay Nicole Jewelry! 

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Pins ☾✰


This rain has been absolutely amazing! The storm we received last night was crazyyyyy. I even had to bring my mums in haha!! And the thunder and lightning kept me up all night but it sure was pretty. It's been a wetter fall than I ever remember. Which makes me happy we went through all the stuff we did to get a new roof on. With down pours like what we've been experiencing we'd be in a LOT of trouble with all of this rain. I've always had an obsession with pins but I just recently began collecting them and placing them on this out-of-this-world jacket. Gypsy Warrior forever holds a place in my heart for their unique and 'witchy' items. 

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The Parka ☾✰


Hellooooooooo October! Can't believe one of my very favorite months EVER is upon us! This year has absolutely flown by! And with the cold weather coming, it's time for layering and finding the perfect staple jackets and sweaters! I've always loved the look of parka's and I'm verrrry fond on this one by Someday's Lovin'. Also how perfect is this crop sweater for early fall? I get to wear sweaters without sweating so it's basically a win win. I hope you're enjoying the first day of October! I'm headed to my parents house to spend the night and wake up to the best pumpkin pancakes with frosting. I can't wait! I always love spending time up there. My family is hilarious. 

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