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Happy Thursday friends! Not much new has happened this week but I thought that I'd journal a bit about last week! We've been having lawn mower problems for about a month now. Have you, we just bought our lawn mower in April so it's suppppper frustrating! We couldn't get it started for about 2 weeks and our lawn was legit a field and we were freakin' out! So Adam went into beast mode and was determined to fix the lawn mower. A couple new parts later and BAM we had a working lawn mower! I mowed the front and I was ecstatic and Adam went to go mow the back.... lawn mower shuts down. Dead. Long story short. We fixed it, we celebrated, Adam got his man badge. And we celebrated a bit too soon. Here's the problem, you're probably thinking 'Why don't you return it?' Well we're just over the Home Depot return policy and of course we didn't buy the 2 year coverage because what's an extra $20.00 at checkout! Haha, anyways hopefully we get it up and running again. I don't know why I felt the need to write about this but it's fun to look back and see what was going on in our little life. Hope everyone is having a safe and fun week and the weekend is nearly here so yay! 

I got the opportunity to do a little feature on Mamie Ruth for their girl crush! Check out the article here! All these outfits are from Mamie Ruth and I'm obsessed with their boho USA made vibe! 

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Soel Beauty In Home Tanning System Giveaway! ☾✰


Hi guys!! So I'm so stoked on today's giveaway! It may be one of the most amazing ones I've done so far. Drum roll.... I'm giving away a FREE Mediterranean Pro System from Soel Beauty! Literally pooping myself a little bit, this is a $499 value! HUGE! Head over to my Instagram now to see how to enter, in the mean time here's a bit more information on what you get in the kit: 

The perfect starter package for anyone looking to start spray tanning. This kit was designed to be perfect for the beginner all the way up to the expert.
Included in this packages is:

✰Mediterannian Pro Tanning Machine


✰Two 32 oz bottles of tanning solution

✰20 Bras 

✰20 Panties

✰20 Sticky Feet

✰25 Nose Filters

✰25 Hair Nets

✰1 Hand MitT

✰1 Position Que Card

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The Only One ☾✰


I can't stop thinking about how excited I am for Halloween and Christmas and just everything that falls on the latter part of the year. Don't get me wrong I love my sunshine but it's just too bloody hot. I had my 85 year old neighbor walk over the yesterday and ask if I was okay because she was worried I had died hahaha. So if that isn't a good enough depiction to how much of a home body I've been as of late I don't know what is. I literally plan my entire day around how hot it is. Ugh. End rant. I've been feeling a bit tired and sluggish so I think it's about time for some inso! 

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