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To my sweet baby girl, 

Yesterday we got to see you. We got to see you for a real long time. We went in for your routine 20 week anatomy ultra sound and you looked absolutely perfect. 10 fingers, 10 toes, 4 chambers in your little heart. And I couldn't believe how much you were moving! It was crazy to see you on the screen and feel you move at the same time. There is nothing quite like hearing your little heart beat. Your heart beats so fast! Like 162 bpm. It's amazing. It sounds like a galloping horse. You were practicing some baby yoga inside mama's tummy and had your feel above your head almost the whole time. You were crossing your sweet little legs and making us fall more and more in love with you. We have a follow up appointment on March 10th. To make sure everything is still perfect. I know it will be. I just love you so much already. I can't imagine how much more I could possibly love you. But I know this is only the beginning of a mother's love. 

'My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.'

I love you so much.



Videos: lights, camera, action!

Where has the time gone?! 20 weeks already? I can't believe we are half way there with our little! It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the weeks to hit 12 weeks. Pregnancy has been an amazing journey and I feel like I've learned so much about my body already. What a miraculous miracle it is to carry a child. There's nothing like it. With that being said, there is also never a time in my life that I've felt more vulnerable. It's like I went into instant mommy mode :) I love looking back on other bloggers pregnancy updates and honestly love journaling what exactly I'm going through so I can look back so here I am again with a 20 week update! 

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 ☾✰ How far along? 

20 weeks and counting! Going in for our 20 week anatomy ultra sound this Thursday. Fingers crossed the little is doing just perfect. 

 ☾✰ How big is the peanut? 

Baby is the size of a banana (or length) kind of a weird fruit to compare too ;) She's 10 1/2 oz. and about 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom. 10 inches long from head to heel. 

☾✰ Total weight gain/loss? 

7 lbs. at my last appointment. Which was about 3 weeks ago. We'll see what we are up to tomorrow! I don't have a working scale at home.

☾✰ Maternity clothes? 

Not yet - but having a hard time wearing pants. I've been wearing skirts and sweat pants on the daily. I definitely need to get my hands on some maternity pants though! All my current pants are high waisted. Like I legit don't own a regular pair on pants. Otherwise I could just button them under the bump. 

☾✰ Sleep?

Sleeping pretty good. I'm a back sleeper so I've been propping up lots of pillows and sleeping really high lately. I've been having insane lucid dreams and it leaves me feeling pretty exhausted emotionally in the morning but at least I'm making it through the night??

☾✰ Best moment this week? 

Baby girl kicked me so hard in the car that I shouted, "WOAH!" That was such an amazing moment! I've felt her a few other times but she got me good this time. I was also laying in bed drinking ice water and she moved a bunch every time I had a sip. That was the best thing ever too! Nothing like feeling her move. 

☾✰ Symptoms? 

Headaches, fatigue and blood sugar dropping super quick. I get headaches almost every night and feel tired most of the time. I also find that if I don't have a snack I get super sick all the sudden and need to lay down. Or if I wait too long in between meals. 

☾✰ Food cravings? 

Peanut butter toast. Orange Juice. Green smoothies (spinach, oj, hemp seeds, banana, mango, peaches, pineapple, lime), Yellow Mangos, Sour Pink Lemonade, Frozen Yogurt, Ginger's Cafe Falafel Salad.

☾✰ Food aversions? 

Dairy. Meat. Hamburgers. UGH THE SMELL I CAN'T. Anything but plain hummus. 

☾✰ Gender? 

Little baby girl.

☾✰ Labor signs? 

Nope. And thanks goodness! 

☾✰ Belly button in or out? 

In :) 

☾✰ What I miss?

Raw sushi. Holding knees up to my chest comfortably. Sleeping flat on my back. Pulling up pants and doing them up (haha).

☾✰ What I'm looking forward to? 

Meeting our little angel. Decorating her nursery. Spring cleaning. Consistent movement. Summer.

☾✰ Milestones? 

Halfway done! Wahoo!

☾✰ Bump?

Little baby bump! Finally. Took her long enough! 

If there is one thing I love and I'm a sucker for it's cute functional loungewear. With Valentines Day literally being tomorrow I thought it'd be fun to do a post with some of my favorite lounge wear and intimates by Shop Cosabella. I've been crushing so hard on their new Spring collection and all the delicate patterns and materials. 

It's easy to get 'lazy' with our sleepwear. I know that sounds silly. But all too often I put a gigantic t-shirt on and sweats and I'm out. But putting something pretty and delicate on that makes you feel confident and extra special really does make all the difference. Shop Cosabella is such amazing quality and their pieces last ages. So if you've been looking to invest in something extra pretty and good quality. You've found the place! 

Anyways, I hope this inspires you to put on something extra pretty tomorrow or any day of the week and feel cute and confident all the time. Not saying at all the body confidence doesn't come from within, but you catch my drift? Who doesn't feel like a champ when you have an outfit you absolutely loveeeee? It makes a big difference in my book. 

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It's a girl! Three words I never planned on hearing together with this pregnancy!! I honestly cannot believe we are having a little girl. I'm so giddy. I secretly wanted a girl the whole time, but shhh don't tell Adam. I actually was 100% okay with whatever our little angel would be. It was weird, like after I got pregnant all I cared about having was a healthy baby. That's it. Nothing else seemed to matter. 

We found out the gender of baby girl Kaiser when I was 17 1/2 weeks. It was the scariest/most exciting day of my life. Even more so than the wedding! I was anxious all day and when the time had finally come I could hardly contain myself. She was being a little bit stubborn for about 10 minutes and then all the sudden we found out she was a girl! So exciting. 

Thanks Maddy (little sister) for the pictures! Also, my beautiful dress is from Filly Boo Maternity. I've never been more obsessed! I got inspiration for our reveal from Pinterest. Here's a link to the DIY. Yes, I made that giant globe, yes it costed WAY more than I was expecting, but YES it worked out perfectly. No regrets here. 

Back on the girl thing. I was 90% convinced that baby Kaiser was a boy. I even had my mom convinced! She bought her some toy trucks!! Haha! I've had such a smooth easy pregnancy and I didn't think it would be humanly possibly for her to be a her! I have had hardly any morning sickness and I haven't felt super moody or crazy. So I guess I'm just super lucky. STILL FREAKING OUT SHE'S A GIRL. I went on my first shopping rampage last week after we found out. I was just so excited and felt like it was a good way to bond with the little one and nest a bit. 

Actually, funny thing is on our pregnancy announcement to our family we made a video and titled it, 'It's A Boy.' We had also said, 'We're hoping you're a boy!' Haha, which seems so funny now. We're so excited for our little girl and I know Adam has definitely warmed up to the fact that he's gonna have a little girl wrapped around his finger in a few months. 

I really wanted Adam to document his feelings about finding out it was a girl so we could look back on this and remember it!


I knew it was a girl. Leading up to the appointment I was super nervous. I wanted a boy so bad that I knew my thoughts had willed us into a girl haha This sounds sad, but I thought I was going to be really disappointed when they finally confirmed my intuition, but sitting in that room seeing our baby  in the ultra sound made me so excited and all that mattered was that she was ours. I didn't know what the crap we were looking at on the screen, but all of a sudden Alexis yelled "Its a girl" and my heart melted. Any and all disappointment left me and I got really excited, until I pictured her being a teen, then my excitement turned to fear. Can't wait to meet our little princess!

So that's that! It's a girl. And we are stoked. Still working on names, and of course that'll be a secret until the end! We can't wait to meet her. Here are some pictures from the appointment we got of her! 

Baby girl saying hi!

Curled up in a little ball.

Giving us a thumbs up! She's doing good in there.

Side note: When we decided to tell my dad the gender after the appointment, we FaceTimed him and said we were going to tell him. He said, wait wait wait, let me go with my first guess I think it's a girl. And he said to give him a thumbs up or thumbs down. So I flipped the camera over to the picture where she's giving us a thumbs up and we all died laughing. Such a joyous amazing moment. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly hahaha. I wanted to remember that because it really tug at the ole' heart strings.

You are my love story. I feel like I've known you forever. I can't even recall what life was like before I met you. Our love story started in 2013, nearly 4 years ago and continues to unwind like I never imagined. It all began when I was third wheeling it one night and asked the fella we were with why it's so hard to find a normal, attractive, long haired man in Provo, Utah. (long hair was necessary, haha). He then showed me Adam's Instagram profile - so 21st century I know. And I was like WHAT is life. This human is gorgeous, lives in Provo and is single? FOLLOW. Like, like, like, comment. You know, just the basic creeping happening here.

Before I knew it, the likes and comments were being reciprocated. So romantic. I then got real ballsey and commented: 

Haha, little did I know at the time. Time seemed to move on. I definitely kept Adam on my radar and wasn't dating much but I had no clue how we'd ever meet. Halloween rolls around and I find myself at the all star of all all star parties across the street from my house at The Village. If you life in Provo, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, let's just say you couldn't leark around these parts of town too long. Aka meat factory. Aka let's get married. Aka you're gone. 

Low and behold Mr. Adam Kaiser was at this party. Just sitting there. Looking perfect. This was the first time I had seen him in real life. And he sure didn't disappoint. He was gorgeous. We kept making eye contact all night and I was leaning on my roommate for support. I finally whipped up enough courage to go say hi and... GONE. FOREVER. I WOULD NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. That's what it felt like. I was so mad at myself. Like... how hard is it to say hi. Until the next evening, I received a red notification via Facebook saying: 

I'm dying reading these. Hahaha. K let me continue. 

So that's where it all started. He finally got the ole' number, asked me out the following evening and it's all history from there. I knew I loved him from the first date. Which was super scary. Everything just meshed perfectly. I didn't have to pretend to be anyone else. Just me. Which by the way, finding these threads took so major digging for me, so you're welcome. We got engaged and started planning the wedding less than a year later. Why wait ya know? If you love someone. You know.

We got married in 2014 and bought our first home together in 2016. We've been through it all. And I feel like we're stronger than ever. It's crazy to think that now we have a baby on the way and we're just growing and growing as a couple and family. I'm forever grateful for this love story of mine. I can't wait to see where we are in 5 years. 

Huge thank you to Urban Outfitters for creating the #UOLoveStories campaign. I think it's been such a wonderful reminder to remember our love stories and cherish them. We are huge fans of Urban Outfitters (if you haven't noticed already) and love working with them. 

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for making our Valentines a little more sweet this year. 

Huge thank you to Eunice Beck for the photos. Check her out here.

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