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Hi all! Every once in a while I like to journal a bit before posts. Mostly for me to look back and have a chance to read wtf was happening in my life but also to have a little reality check with you guys and let you know that yes, I'm a real human and yes I go through real human things. This past little I've been watering our lawn by hand because we tried to turn our sprinkler system on and it was shot. We had to dig up the entire manifold and basically start from square one. Living close to the river made digging a hole no easy task. We would just hit rock after rock after rock and it was super difficult to make any progress. After Adam did the majority of the work to get the manifold out I dug a 5 ft trench so we had some working room. 

We thought that the third line to the back of the yard was going to be shot and had broke somewhere because it wouldn't turn on at all manually. So I was mentally preparing to dig another 5 feet. My dad came down (praise the Lord almighty) and helped up install a whole new manifold and my hubby spend the following day adjusting the system and making sure that it hit all my precious flowers and garden. MISSION SUCCESSFUL! I don't think there is anything more rewarding than doing something yourself. Call it pride but I call it accomplishment and self worth. I love learning new things and how to fix things! And now I feel confident that we could fix just about anything on our sprinkler system which is super rewarding. After 15+ runs to Home Depot, 4 days of digging, a lot of swear words and getting soaked we fixed the damn thing. 

And that's the end of my story.

I've been moon swooning over EVERYTHING Show Me Your Mumu has to offer since forever. This dress is just another WIN. It's perfect. It actually is a top and a high waisted skirt but when worn together it looks like a dreamy piece of cake. Hope you enjoy this look! 

Pictures by my love. 

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Self Tanning w/ Bondi Sands ☾✰


Hi guys! With summer in full effect and my skin white as ever I've been trying loads of self tanning products! I came across Bondi Sands ages ago and finally got my hands on their face tanner as well as their self tanner and I'm obsessed! Bondi Sands just recently started getting sold in the US and Londy Locks is a US retailer and that's where I got my tanner from!! I've tried quite a few face tanners out before and I've never been pleased until I got my hands on Bondi Sands face tanner. It's a gradual perfect tan and it doesn't cling to dry spots or blemish spots like some of the other self tanner's I've tried in the past. It doesn't have much of a fragrance either which is a plus for self tanner! I really love how smooth and flawless the foaming tanner goes on as well! I've been using the 'dark' shade and find it's perfect for my light/medium olive skin. I wanted to go over a few tips and personal tricks I have when applying self tanner:

Tips + Tricks for at home tanning:

✰ Exfoliate well + shave before applying tanner
✰ Apply a heavy cream (I use Eucerin) on wrists, elbows, fingers + toes
✰ Apply tanner in thin layers and build up if necessary
✰ Allow tanner to dry for 8 to 12 hours before showering
✰ Don't sleep on white sheets when using a self tanning routine
✰ Wash the palms of your hands vigorously after applying self tanner
✰ Make sure all your previous tan is exfoliated off before reapplying
✰Apply self tanner with a mitt, makes a world of a difference
✰ Wear sunscreen all the time! 

Hope those tricks help! Check out @londylocks on Instagram and be sure to get your Bondi Sands from her site here if you've been dying to get your hands on some!

*Thanks to Londy Locks for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Remember, Glamour Kills, Stay Weird.

Adam helps me apply the tanner to my back! It's seriously the perfect color and looks so natural!

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Eyewear is Fuhhhnnnn ☾✰


Lets talk eyewear for a second here. Eyewear can make a huge difference in the little details of your outfit and it is sooo easy to pop on and go! I personally don't have glasses *I need but my prescription is super expired* so I find myself reaching for clear lensed glasses to mix things up every now and again! And you probably already know about my obsession with sunnies. Done. I love when I can hop on a site and just find everything I need in one place. Kenmark Eyewear does just that and has loads of designers that are well... *swoon*. I have especially been loving the designer Zac Posen because of his effortless way of creating modern eyewear that goes with everything. I always look for eyewear that I can throw on with my many different clothing styles. From chic to boho to eclectic I know that Zac Posen will not fail. 

Hope you guys enjoy how I styled these glasses with some of my favorite outfits this summer. 

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Free To Move + Giveaway ☾✰


Hi everyone! So I'm super excited about today's giveaway with Free To Move Clothing! All you have to do to enter is follow @alexisjadekaiser + @freetomoveclothing, tag 3 friends and WIN! The winner will win this beautiful floral dress valued at $50.00! Floral is killing it this summer and I promise you need this dress in your life. Unlimited entries are accepted! Head over to my Instagram for full details! 

Also, I wanted to provide a little bit of inspiration for you today as well! I really liked this article about Women Empowerment that I read the other day, here's a little taste: 

Empowerment. Empower the women in your life. Your co-workers, your sisters, your mother, your friends, your acquaintances, your enemies, and strangers. Empower others and you’ll feel empowered. Collaborate. Share your ideas with other women. Don’t keep everything to yourself. Lift others as you climb your own ladder and start collaborating more than competing. Mentor and help the women around you. If you know something, it’s probably of value to many other women. Have courageous, meaningful conversations. Be honest, and let people know how you feel. Your emotions, thoughts, and opinions matter.
Support the women around you. We’re all in this together and remember, it’s not all about you <3

Source: Woman to Woman

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Pictures by my love.

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