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Oct 27, 2014

My Bodies a Zombie for You f e a t u r i n g True Gentleman Supply Co.

We recently had the amazing opportunity to do a Halloween inspired shoot for True Gentleman Supply Co. We got to get our make up done by some seriously talented make up artists and we went to a graveyard and got some rad shots!

For those of you that don't already know, True Gentleman Supply Co. custom made Adam's suit for our wedding. The grey suit that he's wearing here is the same one that he wore on our wedding! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it was to work with Trapper! We went to his house and got to pick everything from the fabric swatches, to the button holes, to the the thread that kept the buttons in tact! True Gentleman Supply Co.'s attention to detail is UNREAL. I highly recommend his services to those of you looking for a suit! I think investing in a suit that is correctly made and can be tailored forever is the best move ever.

Anyways, Happy Halloween. It's basically my favorite holiday. Watch out for the Walking Dead zombies too. If you walk to fast, they might catch you. (seriously though, how do people even ever get bitten, don't w a l k, freakin' run your ass off.)

Email // Trapper@tgsupplyco.com
Phone // (801) 337 - 8670
Photography // In Frames Photography 
Alexis' Make - Up // Krista Ann
Adam's Make - Up //  Jill Marie MUA



  1. This last photo is a dream, your body language is perfect.

  2. i can't get over how much you look like sophia bush and AMEN TO THE ZOMBIES. seriously that's what i always think. also have you ever noticed how zombies are always grumbling and gargling UNLESS they are sneaking up on someone? like, i'm pretty sure you would be able to hear a zombie coming up on you. also, in that last episode where they stabbed someone in the "temple" like i hate it so passionately because if zombies were real at all, it would be because their brainstem is still functioning, so it's like, at least stab them in the area of the brain that will kill them. so much bother with that show, but also so much incredible, passionate love.
    you guys look amazing! i love the makeup!

  3. amazing makeup!!!!!


  4. This is so awesome! I love Halloween so much and this makes me happy :)


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