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Oct 24, 2014

Don't Be A Shabby Apple

Hello all. So I'm really excited about this outfit today! I'm always looking for staple pieces for my closet. Things that are simple yet so versatile. So when I was introduced to Shabby Apple I was thrilled! I think sometimes clothing gets so busy and we forget home timeless and classy basics are.

Not only does Shabby Apple provide clothing for women of all shapes and styles but they have an awesome business motto. I feel more passionate about fashion and different clothing items when I know that it is coming from an awesome company. They focus on empowering women by:

1. Design and sell vintage-inspired clothing. Our clothing is reminiscent of the classy clothing of the past -- both in style and coverage.  We say: women are beautiful and powerful when they are comfortable and polished.
2. Empower women in the workplace. We are a company that is over 90% women-owned/operated.  We strive to provide flex-schedules and generous maternity leaves. We strive to help women lead in the world.  
3. Help women worldwide. We connect with other women around the world by partnering with organizations that give women micro-credit loans and clean, safe living environments.  We believe that with health and the right tools, women can empower themselves.   

Anyways, if you haven't ever checked them out, definitely do. You wont be disappointed.

Dress // c/o Shabby Apple 
Hat // c/o Third Stone
Coin Belt // c/o Shop Hallelu
Purse // c/o Loloelle Boutique
Boots // BB Styled Boutique 
Necklace // c/o Shop Hallelu [sold out]
Photography // Maria-Camila 

I think everyone needs a floppy hat and some over the knee boots for the on and coming winter weather. Floppy hats are SO perfect for bad hair days, or to add the perfect touch to any outfit. I wear them all year long and I wear them SO HARD in the fall and winter. I got this amazing hat from Third Stone and I am absolutely swooning over it. And lets talk about these boots - they are from BB Styled Boutique and the back of them isn't leather, it's this stretchy amazing material! I've worn them SO much this fall and traveled in them and they are just amazing and so comfortable. And I'm big on comfort! Anyways, hope you enjoyed! XX. 


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