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So Halloween is almost here... WHEEEEE. Favorite holiday ever! And I just can't wait to actually dress up for the BIG DAY. Almost as exciting as the day I got married. Almost... Anyways. Sometimes when I have absolutely no clue what to wear I turn to the simplest of things and then really dress them up. Like a plain white tee and some ripped to shreds skinnies.

Did I mention these are my favy skinnies ever? I got them at Forever21 a while back and they fit me perfectly and I LOVE how torn up they are!

But onto the dress up part, here are f i v e reasons you need a bold statement necklace:

1 // They make any outfit look amazing
2 // They add such an edgy-rockstar look
3 // Ancient Egyptians wore them so you should too
4 // They're super trendy in all shapes and sizes right N O W
5 // If this is not enough reasons, look at the pics below. k BYE.

Hat // Third Stone c/o
Cardigan // Loloelle Boutique c/o 
Necklaces // Windsor Store / Nasty Gal / love THIS
Pants // Forever21 [similarhere]
Shoes // [old] similarhere
Photography // Maria - Camila


  1. i love a statement necklace and how it can dress up the simplest of outfits:-)

  2. Ooh my gosh these photos are so gorgeous, per usual! I also love how beautifully your necklace dresses up those distressed jeans! I really love how well everything is in harmony in this look !
    Happy Halloween! c;

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  3. Your pictures are always so beautiful! I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award :) check it out on my blog.


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