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Jul 27, 2016

Soel Beauty In Home Tanning System Giveaway! ☾✰

Hi guys!! So I'm so stoked on today's giveaway! It may be one of the most amazing ones I've done so far. Drum roll.... I'm giving away a FREE Mediterranean Pro System from Soel Beauty! Literally pooping myself a little bit, this is a $499 value! HUGE! Head over to my Instagram now to see how to enter, in the mean time here's a bit more information on what you get in the kit: 

The perfect starter package for anyone looking to start spray tanning. This kit was designed to be perfect for the beginner all the way up to the expert.
Included in this packages is:

✰Mediterannian Pro Tanning Machine


✰Two 32 oz bottles of tanning solution

✰20 Bras 

✰20 Panties

✰20 Sticky Feet

✰25 Nose Filters

✰25 Hair Nets

✰1 Hand MitT

✰1 Position Que Card



  1. Just entered! Love this!!!!�� I use to go the tanning beds and ended up having to get two spot removed on my back that were skin cancer. So I've been getting spray tanned ever since! Love that you posted this is the healthier way to go. Been wanting to get a kit for awhile then saw this(: ��

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