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Mar 25, 2016

Festival Survival Guide w/ UO

When I was putting this post together I was listening to Penny Lane by the Beatles. 
So for your sweet ears pleasure I've linked the YouTube video below so feel free to press play
while you're scrolling through. 

I've teamed up with Urban Outfitters to put together a look for Festival Survival! Although I've never
attended Coachella or SxSW, Utah has a rad outdoor concert series called Twilight Concerts and I attend just about all of them! With that being said, they're outside, crowded and HOT + good music,  I can image that's just about what it's like to attend a larger music festival! 

 1) I picked this sweater dress by Ecote (which is on sale now) because I thought it'd be perfect to slip on and go! You might be thinking *ugh a sweater dress for real* but this sweater dress is super light weight and super comfy and would be perfect to throw on over  swim suit! I was also thinking... desert.... sun down.... cold.... this is the perfect versatile piece to keep you cool & warm

2) You need a jacket! Why not strut your stuff at sunset with the most radical jacket of all time?
Understated Leather slayed with this Heck Yes jacket and I knew I needed to rock this at a 
festival! And really, I think having a jean jacket that you absolutely love is necessary for your closet!
I always seem to gravitate towards jean jackets when I'm on the run and want a cute quick look!

3) Closed toe shoes! Sandals are fun and cute but a no-no for festivals and concerts. Your sweet little toes will get destroyed (I know from experience) it's too crowded and people are having a good
time so protect your toesies! I love these classic white Converse and wear them year round. But, I think they really pull the whole look together and give it a cool, casual vibe.

4) Quick make-up. Loving the line MILK makeup that UO recently started carrying. They're products are packaged amazing for on the go and they provide a quick cool look! Not to mention the 
quality is amazing! We've been using the Cooling Water stick in the morning to give our skin a
quick wake-me-up and it sleighs! It really feels so good!! Don't forget SPF!

5) Film Camera... Like duh. I take my film camera with me any time we're out and about. Don't make the mistake I did and get one that has film that is SO pricey and impossible to find. I ended up
switching to this one and I love it (p.s. this is on sale for just $70.00 that's a steal)! Much smaller, compact & the film is much more inexpensive and is sold nearly everywhere

of course I could go on and on but here's just a small little start to get you festival 
ready! I will do another post with a picture guide of exactly
what you need!

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  1. This post is everything ���������������� love the vibe. Also love your hair!



  2. K your hair. Also the photography in this is amazinggggg. <3


  3. Bad A babe!!!! Love this look

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