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Mar 23, 2016

Wild Wild Fest

There's nothing that really gets me going more than Nasty Gal. 

I could end the blog description there, but since I care to explain.... Here ya go. 
If you've been following me for a while you know I basically live, breath, die nasty gal. They 
are my fav for go-to staples, splurging a little here are there. And getting pieces 
you can't get ANYWHERE else. 

With festival season just around the corner I'm like majorly inspired by the drop of Nasty Gal's new 
Rodeo Revival collection. I. Need. It. All. Surprise me? 
This year I'm super inspired by lace, layers, mixing + matching textures and jaw dropping
looks. I put together this look with that in mind. 

This dress speaks for itself. Need I say more? With the cape in the back for a little extra *surprise* 
I basically swoon. Because of the detail of the dress I kept my accessories super simple with this
beauty wrap around choker and THESE BOOTS. Unacceptable. 

Keep the sun off your pretty little face with a rad hat. I fell in love with this hat by Lack of Coloraus

what else is inspiring me this festival season:


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