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Mar 28, 2016

What do ya say? Spa night babe?

Hello again! 
So I'm excited to share a fun super chill post today for a sort of date night type deal with your babe? 
Call it what you want. But I LOVE doing Spa nights. I'm talking face maskin', nail paintin' & bath bomb exploding kinda night. Adam... doesn't love spa night, or the thought of it. But every time
we're done I say "See! Wasn't that fun?" And he always is quite amused. So I wanted to do a little
'What you need' type post to have a fun and relaxing spa night with yourself or your lover!

What you need: 

1) Exfoliating Brush *I love the Spin for Perfect Skin by Vanity Planet*
5) Bath Bomb *I love Lush's products*
6) Snacks. Duh.

1) Exfoliating Brush - I keep telling Adam the importance of implementing a skin care routine and how much it will benefit him for the years coming! Let's just say he never really listened before I got him the men's Spin for Perfect skin by Vanity Planet. He uses it in the shower to exfoliate with a gentle cleanser. I also LOVE that it has a body attachment so I can help keep his back clear and blemish free (he's always playing some kind of a sport) by exfoliating with the brush! I also exfoliate 1 to 2x (depending on how dry my skin is) with the brush and it's the only thing I can use! When I try and use like actual exfoliator cleanser my skin freaks out and normally breaks out. 

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2) Cleanser - I'm always on the hunt for a good cleanser. My skin is just sooo sensitive and is easily agitated and breaks out. I definitely have combination skin and acne prone skin. Adam on the other hand could literally wash his face with dirt and it wouldn't matter. I've been using the Nature's Gate Cleansing Gel Lemon Verbena in combination with my Spin Brush and I'm obsessed. My skin is super clear right now and has a 'glow', Adam even told me soooo that's saying something. Haha

3) Face Masks - I love using Florapy Beauty Face masks on spa night because Adam absolutely loathes taking off face masks. With Florapy it's mess free and super quick and gives you the perfect boost and glow your skin needs. I've posted quite a few times on my Instagram about Florapy and I really stand behind their products! Adam also enjoys wearing them and it gives him some time to lay back and relax after a stressful day at work! 

4) Nail Polish - Even though Adam can't really participate when I'm painting my nails it's still fun! Like why is it that when I have my nails painted I feel like my life is put together? Idk. Call me crazy but nothing like a fresh mani and pedi. I've tried to get Adam to join in on the fun by giving him a little primping and give him a mani and pedi (he loves it). The great thing about the Spin brushes is they come with a pumice stone attachment and you can get all the dry rough skin off with little to 
no effort. HEAVEN. 

5) Bath Bombs - They're the best thing ever invented and sooo nice to crumble up and just relax in. I honestly don't know what I'd do without Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars. They really bring a luxurious feeling to the bath (even if yours don't cover half your body like mine) and makes you feel like a queen. 

6) Snacks - Like what's spa night without a good ole snack? I love throwing some white cheddar popcorn in a bowl to munch down on while our masks are sitting. Throw on a program on the ole TV and you're golden. 

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this! Go do something fun with your hubby or treat your SELFIE. There is always time that needs to be allotted to relax and take care of yourself! 




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