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Apr 5, 2016

Rug Love

Hi guys! Decorating our home has been sooo much fun! It has also been challenging like none other!!  One of the hardest parts was finding rugs that were the perfect fit for our space! Then I came across Rugs USA and I've never been happier with rugs ever in my whole life! I've never seen so many colors, patterns and selections from a rug company. You can literally find anything and everything you've ever wanted!! We went with this beautiful white diamond patterned rug in our family room as well as this beautiful cowhide rug in our little eating nook. If you are ever in the search of a rug I highly recommend Rugs USA. They're the best price, best quality and look absolutely beautiful in ANY space! Hope this helps you in your future rug findings! Our white rug is legit so soft we just go in the family room and lay down on the rug, haha it's definitely kitty approved too :) 

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