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Apr 8, 2016

Alternative indigo's S6 Guide to: Adult Apartment Decor

I’m excited to team up with Society6 to bring to you my guide for Adult Apartment Decor! I’ve consolidated my my guide into 5 easy to follow steps to make easing into that first time apartment or house a cinch.

Art: Art is one of the easiest and best ways to warm up a space, make it your own and add character. Society6 has thousands (literally thousands) of designs and prints to choose from! It’s easy to find the perfect piece that will *say* just what you want it to in a space. I like to mix it up with modern, contemporary and realistic artwork. Mixing and matching frames and different wood tones can easily dress up your art and pull your room together. Try grouping artwork and other decorative objects in odd numbers. I find it’s more aesthetically pleasing.

Pillows: My obsession for pillows is something we can talk about later. But as you can tell from our space I dig pillows. I like them everywhere. They soften spaces like nothing else and can even provide some humor and quark to your place. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with mixing and matching pillows. They provide a pop of color or pattern and become a true statement and really pull a room together. My number one tip when mixing and matching pillows is find a cohesive color or pattern that ties all the pillows together.

Plants: I really don’t know how my plant addiction became what it is, but I’m happy to announce I’ve discovered I have quite the green thumb. I stick plants anywhere and everywhere I can. In every corner, hanging from the ceiling, wind ceils- I’ve basically created a giant green house. Adding plants to your home helps make it feel alive. It’s a simple - and most the time relatively inexpensive way to liven up a room. Not only that, but having plants indoors helps clean the air, fight colds and can play a huge part in your overall homeostasis. If you’re a newbie to plant friends give cacti a go!

Furry Friends: If there is one thing I can’t live without in my home (besides my mate) it’s my furry friends. We have 2 little furry friends in our family. Twiggy and Jimi. Twiggy is a very lazy, shy, yet adventurous exotic persian cat. Jimi is hell on wheels. We don’t really know what he is, but his crazy personality keeps us giggling and he’s basically the best at making guests feel right at home. Plus if you’re ever home alone you’re definitely going to need a furry friend to protect you… right?

Less is More: Overall, when it comes to creating a place that is inviting and functional my motto is ‘less is more.’ It’s a hard thing, especially coming from a long line of ‘decorative hoarders’ (sorry mom), to be clutter free and not over decorate. But, I’m extremely content and feel at peace when I come home to a clutter free home.

That rounds up my guide to Adult Apartment Decor!

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