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Mar 2, 2015

Romper xx Cotton Candy LA

babes. i seriously cannot wait for summer. i wear all my favorite clothes that i can't wear outside, inside in the winter because i'm that excited. and honestly rompers are soooo hot. like i put this little number from cotton candy la (which i can't even) this brand. and i told my husband 'wouldn't this be so cute for the farmers market in the summer?' haha, but like ya. for real. i think rompers are so cute, simple and effortless.

and if they aren't your thing on a day to day wearing routine, than wear it over your swimmies, or when you need to run errands. or something. just get a dang onesie already. if you don't believe me walk into any mall store right now and i promise at least one onesie will be in your sight. screaming for you to purchase it and make your bod forever love you.

incase you haven't tried one on too, you need to stat. you'd think it would chop your body off and make you look weird and blahhhhh. but it doesn't. i think they elongate your legs, lengthen your torso. and basically work so mad shiz magic.

so a little rant from me to you, why? because i love you.

k bye. xx

romper // c/o cotton candy la 



  1. You are so cute! I love your blog, it's more unique than most of the ones I read.

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  3. So gorgeous! I just came across your blog but I think I'm now kind of obsessed! That hat is so good too...



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