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Feb 28, 2015

To Glam xx

sometimes. you need a graphic that you can throw on whenever, and basically wherever you might be feeling sassy. ya feel? so that's why this graphic is my jam.

my jam meaning its the best pick-me-up of all time.

and lucky for you, and for me, all the tee's and basically anything from shop lux clothing is amaze.

so you can shop them all here. 

and ya. basically i feel like the pics me and my babe captures are the best of all time.

and that's great. on that great note, we went and saw american sniper tonight, oh my h e a r t throb.

k its a great program. i have the worst add of all time and i made it through the 2.5 and some minutes like it was a cinch.

anyways. i'm basically too glam to give a damn. so scroll on babes.


graphic // c/o shop lux clothing 
bells // electric west 
shawl // shop hallelu 


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