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Mar 9, 2015

Shop Hallelu xx

shop hallelu has gotttttt to be in my five top favorite shops of all time. i wore their brand the whole week of me and adam's wedding; from my bachelor party, to my wedding rehearsal, i was decked out in shop hallelu.

they have the most perfect effortless boho beach vibe of all time. which i LOVE. and i think it's important for everyone to have some effortless bohoey (is that a word, apparently not) pieces in their closet! plus, they are super affordable and don't even get me started on their shoes! they are perrrrrfect. 

i am loving the look of anything open backed lately, if you haven't yet realized. i just think it's feminine and beautiful and who doesn't want to show off their back a bit, eh? also, this halter is LIFE. i got this little number from urban outfitters and i am obsessed. it's the perfect go to accessory for your everyday plain jane shirts and dresses and adds the perfect amount of umphhh and hotness. for real tho, can't even think of words right now to express my obsession with halters. 

they literally go with everything, plain tees, dresses, flannels. you name it. so we can talk about life after you purchase one. anyways, you need a pretty white dress for spring because a) white is everything right now b) these pictures should do you justice. 

dress c/o shop hallelu 
hat c/o seven seas 
necklace c/o shop hallelu 
shoes c/o shop hallelu 
harness urban outfitters 
rings c/o emily thai jewelry 
bralette urban outfitters 
bracelets free people 


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  1. Before my wedding I asked many last minute questions from the manager, and his answer was always: "we have that covered" or "no problem". It was extremely comforting. I am so thankful to the manager at banquet halls in Chicago and their staff for all of their efforts on our behalf.


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