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Jan 29, 2015

Winter Must Have's xx

Hey babes. So for those of you that don't know... I have THEE driest, most sensitive skin in the entire world. Like it's a joke. I use vegan palm free soap on my face and I use eczema lotion on my face as well as Neutrogena sensitive skin lotion and it still freaks sometimes. Luckily, I can keep everything tamed if I keep this routine up, but kindaaaaaa a lotta work.


Anywho, I decided to share some of my winter must have's. These are products that I personally love for day to day winter use and any occasion really. They are ooohh so yummy and I couldn't help but share.

So here you go.

Guys, this shampoo and conditioner are sulfate and paraben free! Which makes me sayyyy yay! They are perfect for the dry winters aka you need it. And soooo good for colored hair like mine! Say goodbye to 2 month touch ups. Even after the first use I noticed a HUGE difference in the over-all texture of my hair. Amaze. 

I'm a super fan of all Bloke Body's products because duhhhhh. They're organic and amazing. They keep my skin as soft as ever in the winter and help me with those nasty little bump things. Seriously, don't know what they're called but it works wondersssss on those. And their lip balm is amazing. It's so nourishing and smells so light and refreshing. I keep it in my purse ALWAYS. 

I also love C.O. Rose Salve. It's great for a really pretty natural lip color/moisture in the morning for your everyday make up. And it's great for at night for intensive over-night lip repair! I can't fall asleep with out it on my lips. Judge. 

And of course my Honey Bronze from Body Shop. K this stuff is to DIE for. It's a dry oil with bronzer in it. So basically you get a yummy honey smell, a bronze and moisture to your skin. What more could you ask for? And this Macaron Rose perfume from Urban is SO good. Like I can't explain it, it's not musky, it's not flowery, it's not bright. IDK. It's my smell and I love it. And say goodbye to nasty alcohol smell. It doesn't have that shizzzz. 

K hope you like this. Comments are appreciated. 


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  1. Never heard of bloke...definitely gonna try. Just found your blog via Instagram...good stuff girl ;)


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