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Jan 25, 2015

Fill The Soul xx

Gooooooodddd vibesssss only babes.

That's what I'm saying. This year, I've made some conscious choices to love life and love me. It's so easy not to love yourself. But you gotta. It's easy to get stuck in the 9-5 grind and work to live. We need to be in the moment and feel it. No lecture intended.

It's amazing the influence that people around you can have on yourself. How you view yourself. How happy you are. What makes you happy. Etc. I've been trying super hard to surround myself with individuals that make me happy and bring on the good vibes.

There's a lot of nasty people out there. Don't let them put a damper on your happiness. You should be happy and hell ya you deserve to be. I think that's the worst is when individuals make you feel like you shouldn't be happy and you don't deserve to be. SOOOOO stupid, so toxic.

So plant some flowers. Heck, buy yourself some. And then you can dry them and they're super cute. Haha. Eat good not to look good, but because you want to nourish your body. Take walks and enjoy everything that's pretty around you. Forget about the J word (jealousy) and move on!

These pretty crystals I'm wearing helped me reflect on good vibes and true happiness. All these pieces are from Shop Fill The Soul and are linked below.

Cheers xx

P.S. If you've been looking for a faux septum ring she is your lady! (you're welcome)

Jewelry // c/o Shop Fill The Soul - here - here - here - here - here - here 
Sweater // Urban Outfitters 
Hat // c/o Third Stone 
Extensions // c/o Bombshell Extensions 


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