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Feb 3, 2015

February Look Book xx

hi hi hiiiiiiiii.

so february is the best month ever. mostly because i was bornnnnn this month. and you get to make your lover of long time feel extra special for no reason. good month? i think yas.

so. i have been dying, dreaming, hoping to be able to create look book videos for you guys forever because i feel like it expresses my style so much better. not only can you see that i'm a real human. and that i'm not some pictorial photoshopped instagram fakey, but i can put music to it that inspires me and you can maybe see a bit more of... me. 

so. me and the hubs (love you so much babe thank you for being as sweet as a tootsie roll and doing this for me) put together this february look book for you. as you can tell i'm kinda excited for crop tops for spring and summer. 

who said you can't wear a crop in the winter? 

beats me. 

anywho. i hope you enjoy. now that we actually have the resources to make these awesome videos happen i need recommendations stat! tutorials, hair ideas, hauls. let me know babes. 

i'm all yours. 


look 1.

look 2. 

look 3. 

look 1. shirt // pants // bralette // socks // shoes // necklace 

look 2. hat // kimono // pants // bra // sunnies // shoes c/o Nasty Gal [sold out :( ]

look 3. hat // crop // jacket // pants // necklace // socks // shoes

Extensions by // Bombshell Extensions


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