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Feb 7, 2015

Time To Feel Pretty, For You xx

hi. i think its so important to feel, pretty. i mean it seems like such an easy things ammmmi right? haha, jk. so hard. one thing i've learned and finally started implementing in my life is beauty comes from the inside. in order to feel beautiful i, myself, need to know that i am beautiful. and in more ways than just one.

seems so simple. yet its hard! sometimes i have a million zits, my eczema on my face is inflamed and i just feel like, ugh, wtf, fml. and that's okay. you can't be freakin puuurrrtty allll the time. haha unless your like a model... right? models are pretty 100% of the time all the time. perf. jk. that's what the world wants you to think. and they're doing a damn good job of manipulating your pretty little mind.

with all this rambling being said i DO infact have a point. sometimes, you just need to buy a sexy dress, maybe you'll wear it in public, maybe you'll play dress up with it in the secret depths of your home. you just need to get a dress that makes you feel like 'damn! i got this! i am a beauty and i feel hawt!'

so do it. i got this little number from the babes over at Trendy and Tipsy. and i feel hot in it. and that's what matters, k? and with v a l e n t i n e s day coming up, its basically necessary to look and feel hot no matter what, i'm talking like if you have a honey or n o t. do it for you.

and that's what matters.

k bye. xx

oh, and p.s. they have a coupon code on the site N O W for 15% off your entire purchase for festival season! woot woot.


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