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2015 is here and swim suit season is coming a little bit faster then i'd really like it to. not because of the sunshine, because you have to shed your winter coat and it's not something that's supa easy. and yes, i do get a winter coat, i wish i could consistently work out during the winter and have a perfect bod all the time but... that's not gonna happen and that's okay.

with that being said. i recently got to collaborate with p i s t o l and s t a m e n and they sent me these ssss'cutest work out clothes and i guess that's all the motivation i needed to get started. and seriously this is t h e e most flattering top i have ever put on my body and the color is amaze. not to mention these pants are perfect and hug and hide in all the right places.

for those of you wondering what my workout routine is i'm currently obsessing over k a y l a itsines 12 week training guides. they are totally kicking my butt and i love that everytime i start a circuit i think there is no way in crap i'm getting through this or a second circuit of something else and i always push myself to finish it.

so yay me. i will definitely post before and after's once i finally start seeing results that i'm confident in! you can download her guide here. i hope i look as hot as her at the end of this. if not, i will kill someone because i'm always sore. haha, also, you can basically do her workouts anywhere! home, gym or i even did one on my yoga mat outside on sunday!

hope you like these. xx

Top // Breeze Comfort 
Bottom // Breeze Comfort 
Mat // similarhere
Necklace // James Michelle 
BPA Free Glass Water Bottle // Target

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  1. LOVE Kayla Itsines! Her workouts are killer. You should totally do some hair tutorials. I love your effortless style! Xo


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