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Jul 14, 2014

m1m1k klothing

Hello fellow local artist followers. This ones for you. If you're currently not supporting ANYTHING local, you basically suck and need to start. Do you hate your town and all the people in it trying to make a break? Because that's basically the vibe you're giving off if you don't support all the cute local peeps. Rant, done. Anyways, Provo, as most of you SHOULD know has an amazingly talented music scene. From the radical venue The Velour to the making of Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons... they 'made' it. PLUS MY FIANCES BAND IS COMING OUT WITH MUSIC SOON AND ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING AND YOU WILL ALL LOVE IT. They're named Barsie so take a look at there Facebook page here to give them support and stay tuned for all the new releases. Anyways, I recently modeled for m1m1k klothing (website found here)...(instagram found here). It is the official klothing line of The Mimi Knowles and they have fun tee's for anyone and everyone to wear. Anyways, here's your chance to support 'the local scene'. Whether it's buying a ticket to an upcoming local artist show, or getting an awesome band tee to show some love, just do it. Much love. xo.

These are the ones behind all the magic, Tara Brooke (blog found here) and Mimi Knowles.

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