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Jul 15, 2014

BALM hand handled by hand, by hand.

Hi babes!! I am SO excited to have teamed up with the AMAZING Tiff from @_BALM_ apparel to bring to you guys a GIVEAWAY!!!! I know right now graphic tees and HUGE but, trust me, you have never seen radical tees like this. They are my new 'go to' tees. They fit amazing and they're super soft! Not to mention she has the most bad ass prints ever. Words from the queen, "I have personally designed the artwork/lettering, screen printed, bleached, dyed, distressed, handsewn or otherwise manipulated each item. Every product is hand-handled by hand and fortified with self esteem boosting properties, duh. BofG-The cure for what ails ye." So um... that's THAT. You will never find anything like it. So take my word for it. Today we've brought to you an extra special goodie... 'Your choice' of graphic tee courtesy of Balm Apparel! To enter it's super simple! Just fill out the google forum provided and submit your entry! ♥♥♥ALL ENTRIES MUST BE COMPLETED AND WILL BE CHECKED FOR THE WINNER♥♥♥. Don't forget your name! Also for an additional entry repost our picture on Instagram and #alternativebalmgiveaway! Winner will be announced Saturday, July 12:00pm 19th MST!

This shirt though... Seriously? I can't even handle. Especially because I'm super weird and socially awkward with my coming age. Totally okay with it. That's why Tiff was born and she makes perf shirts specially for me. Lub you behb. 

Shirt / c/o Balm / Shorts / UNIF / Cardigan / OLD similarhere / Photography / My honey (you did good honey sorry I was grumpy I love you OKAY?) / 

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_Balm_ Giveaway!

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