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Jul 9, 2014

Scented Soap = Satan

K, so basically the title says all. I have never had as bad of eczema as what I have experienced this summer. Seriously the WORST. I get it behind my legs and where my arm bends, only on the right side though, annoying right? Ugly? Yes! Itchy... I literally want to die. I was desperate, I couldn't sleep at night, I was self conscious that everyone was looking at my eczema, etc. Well me and Adam were walking around the Farmers Market one Saturday and all the sudden we passed this natural soap stand. Me, being a skeptic and ingredient whore, asked a million and one questions and looked at the ingredients. And of course I only bought 1, because I was a skeptic. So I stopped using all my scented body wash, and scented lotion and diligently used this 'fragrance free, all natural soap.' And what happens?? It goes away. Completely. No itching, no scratching, no ugly scabs. And you bet your butt I went the next Saturday and bought 4 more bars. The point of this post is, if you're suffering with embarrassing itchy skin, there's a solution, stay far away from anything from the grocery store and spend a little more on fragrance free, natural soap. And by fragrance free I mean no artificial fragrances, she uses essential oils (which I'm already obsessed with) in all of her bars except one, because of popular demand, and it smells amazing I just hate artificial fragrances! All of my Soap Saviors info is below all these pics, and she makes them look so cute right?? How can you even pass up buying them! You're welcome!

So my 4 favorites are as follows: 
/ 1 / Pine Tar - The darkest brown one, this one is specifically made to help with eczema as well as rosacea, it smells like ashes from a pine tree, but I've actually grown to love it! 
/ 2 / Patchouli, Orange, Peppermint & Lavender - YES this smells soooo YUMMY. This one was the first one I tried and it helps my skin SO much. I think I actually prefer it over the Pine Tar.
/ 3 / Lavender and Oatmeal - This one is to DIE for too. Smells so yummy and the lavender feels so good on my poor skin! And the oats feel so nice to help exfoliate!
/ 4 / Mint and Lime - I love how refreshing this soap is! Amazing, and perfect for the morning when you need something to help wake you up! 

Anyways, I'm a total sucker for this soap and I've been going back weekly to make sure I'm always stocked up. What's so awesome about this natural soap is it foams amazing, which is a must, and also, when you like was your pits (gross I know) you feel clean as a whistle. Like you just know you're clean. And there's none of that nasty residue left over. Just natural oils. Amazing.

Buy there soap on Etsy foundhere
Facebook Page foundhere
Website foundhere

Or you can go to the Provo Farmers Market, which is every Saturday right off State Street in Provo - They are open from 9-2 pm until October!


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