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Jul 8, 2014

Hello lovelies! I don't know about you but I am always looking for cool new ways to style my hair for the hot summer dayzzz! I love fun new hair styles that are different than what everyone else is wearing, but also are super cute and flirty. Today, I've put together my 6 favorite summer do's for you! Every single one of these looks took less than 5 minutes! Feel free to comment below with questions on how I achieved each of the looks! Or email me at alternativeindigo@gmail.com! I want to start doing more tutorials for you guys so you have some more fun being involved with my blog! Don't forget to follow along my blog on the 'follow by email' near the top right of the side bar, also take a look at my Instagram @alexisjadestrahm! Thanks so much babes!!

/ 1 / The Milk Maid - Part your hair down the middle - Braid 2 normal braids - Fasten with elastic - Bobby pin each braid at the top of your head.
/ 2 / The Half Top-Knot - Because who even wears full top knots anymore?? Part hair in half like you would for a half pony tail - Secure with elastic - Twist hair all the way to the end of the strands - Wrap around to make a knot form - Secure with an elastic. 
/ 3 / The Side Pony - The 90's will never die. Simply secure a pony loosely on the side of your head - Not too high, not too low - Fluff pony with fingers and spray with hair spray to create messy look. 
/ 4 / Low Buns - Part hair down the middle - Secure two loose pig tails - Before pulling hair all the way through tuck under to a loose bun - Throw on a snap back for an extra chill look. 
/ 5 / Miley Cyrus Made Me Do It - She's fabulous whether you hate her or not - Part hair down the middle -Secure two pig tails near the nape of your neck - Twist hair to the ends of the strands - Wrap hair to create a knot - Secure ends with another pony tail.
/ 6 / Undone Braid - Secure a high loose messy pony near the top of your head - Braid the pony tail in a normal braid - Before securing an elastic at the end of the braid pull each section of the braid so it becomes more full and messy - Secure pony tail at the end of the braid - Pull out some front pieces for a more messy look.


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