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Jan 8, 2019


Hi guys!! I'm so excited for this new year. I'm feeling so inspired and ready to create and really excited for a new fresh start. Something is just so special about the new year. I'm going to be doing a house series and want to share all our spaces we've been working on with you guys and provide some links because so many of you are interested in the things we have in there! For the first time ever, in the new house, we had a dedicated entryway. I was really excited to create this space because it's the first space guests see when they walk in our door! I've had my eye on this mural from Anewall Decor for ages and I knew this space wouldn't be complete without it. 

We use their self adhesive vinyl mural and it turned out so beautiful and dramatic!! I'm so in love. We kept everything else fairly simple because it is a small space. But, I'm stoked with how everything turn out. I'll link everything below! Hope you guys enjoy!! 

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