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Oct 28, 2018

DIY Wallpapered Travel Trailer Ceiling

Hey guys! So as most of you know, we sold most of our belongings back in May and June to move into this little 19 foot '66 travel trailer over the summer months! It was such a blast living in a small space and really simplifying our life. We are now back in Utah and are moving into a new home we've been building near November 14th! We are so stoked to settle down and get ready for baby boy to join our family in January. I teamed up with Anewall Decor and we wallpapered our ceiling in our trailer (as most of you guys have seen by now). I thought it'd be fun to show a little BEFORE and AFTER diy of how we did! 

As you can see, the ceiling was kinda rough before we covered it with our beautiful new mural. Actually for a '66 trailer it was in pretty good condition with minimal water damage. We really wanted to spruce it up a bit though so we went with the gorgeous Magnolia Mural by Anewall. I was really excited for the tones and pattern in this mural because I knew the warm pink hues would look gorgeous with the original birch paneling in the trailer!  

Prep was pretty easy. We took all the trim around the trailer off and removed any water damaged white paper. Really if we could have done it again, we would have removed all the original white wallpaper but unfortunately after we peeled back a few corners the ceiling was coming off with it due to some minor water damage so we would have had to replace the entire ceiling. Which at the time, we didn't have the resources or time (we were in a crunch) so we smoothed out the original surface the best we could and got it clean and ready to go! Typically when wallpapering, you always start with a smooth clean surface :)

We used a big bucket full of water to saturate the pre-pasted wallpaper and let the glue activate for a few minutes before applying the panels. I will say, wallpapering a ceiling is HARD. Like super hard. Haha our hands and arms were so tired, we were sweating our bums off, but the end result was 10/10 worth the blood sweat and tears! 

After finishing the wallpaper application we got new wood trim for the gaps in the ceiling and then used some instatrim around the edges to really clean things up! We LOVE how it turned out! 

Huge thank you to Anewall Decor for the beautiful mural and thank you to India Earl who came and snapped some amazing pics of our finished space! Comment below with any questions you might have!! 

Check out our DIY tutorial on the whole process here!



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