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Aug 29, 2017


So we recently got the Lollipop Monitor and we are beyond obsessed! I shared a few of my favorite features of the monitor on my Instagram story but seriously you guys this thing is AMAZING. Incase you missed it, here are the amazing features this sleek super cute monitor is capable of! 

〰 F E A T U R E S  

No Addtional Monthly Fee - We pay cloud service fee for you
True Crying Detection - Crying detection with low false alarm by noise
Push Video Notify - 30s event video, by Crying/Noise/Virtual Wall (Optional: Lollipop Sensor, Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality)
High Quality Video - Sony Sensor inside, H.264, 720P, with Made-in-Japan Computar Lens
Streaming - In home:LAN rtsp/Away from home:Cloud Streaming
Data History - Daily & weekly noise/crying and environment (Optional: Lollipop Sensor) data log
Quick Setup
Night Vision - Two mode selection - 940nm LEDs invisible for nearing baby, and 850nm for wall mounting
Remote Music Playing - Lullabies and smooth sounds built-in
Live View Sharing - unlimited shared users for your relatives
Mobile Device Requirement - Bluetooth 4.0(BLE) iPhone 4s or Later / Android Phone
OS Version - iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later

So basically it has everything I could ask for in a video monitor. I think my favorite features out of all of these is the live streaming network. You can invite friends/family to join her monitor network and basically they can hop on and watch her whenever! This is awesome for her grandma's. They love it! And Adam loves it when he is at work too. We basically just all love staring at her. Haha. 

The installation was super easy. You can mount the camera in like a gazillion ways. But because our crib frame is so thick we used this darling little mounting branch that came with it and set the monitor up that way. I LOVE that it's actually a cute, sleek design and isn't an eye sore in her nursery. Like it was meant for it *laughing emoji*. 

I also love that it's a video monitor. It's one thing having a monitor with baby's vitals but it's a whole other story when you can actually see your babe. And there is also a little mic on the monitor and a feature where I can talk directly to her if she needs to be soothed or I can't come right away and need her to know I'm coming. I LOVE that. Anyways, we are just over-all really pleased with the monitor, Billie loves the music that you can play through it and it really soothes her. 

Let me know if you guys have any questions. I would definitely give this monitor a 5/5 star rating. And would recommend it to anyone and everyone. New baby shower gift for the win! Plus I think it's a great price and is definitely affordable. 

Here's a screen shot of our little sweetie smiling in her crib! 

〰 C O N N E C T 



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