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Apr 4, 2017



Haven't done a chill talking post in a while so I thought today I'd take a quick chance to chit chat about the power of affirmations. In case you're not familiar with what an affirmation is: 


1. the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed.
"he nodded in affirmation"

So basically when you 'affirm' something you are stating that something is true. Or providing emotional support or encouragement. I've practiced affirmations since before I even knew what they were. Now that I truly understand the power of affirmations I use them each and everyday of my life. 

Before getting pregnant (when we were trying) I used an affirmation and mala beads to practice an intuitive pregnancy. I'll share the affirmation I used :) 

'I am fertile and maternal.' 

Short, simple, but extremely powerful. I had Adam come up with his own positive affirmation. I'm not sure what he ended up coming up with. But we practiced reciting our affirmations daily with our mala beads. I believe that's one of the major contributing factors to our success with our pregnancy. And of course months of previous work and preparation. 

Another simple affirmation I used the other day while traveling was: 

'I am strong, I can do this.' 

May sound silly now, but at the time it brought me so much peace and comfort knowing that I could do this and I am strong. What I'm talking about doing is flying on an airplane. Lol. I suffer with extreme motion sickness and didn't want to take any anti nausea medicine because I felt like the risks outweighed the benefits so I was left on my own. And although I did puke on one of the flights on the way down, I still felt strong and extremely proud of myself afterward. 

Me and my husband recently set a goal that I would send him an applicable positive affirmation to recite at work each day, and we would say out loud or write down 3 things we were grateful for each day. It makes a HUGE difference in our days and I highly encourage you to do so as well. If you have a hard time thinking of your own mantras, you can always look up positive and relevant mantras on the internet. There are millions floating around. If you find yourself having a hard time believing your mantra after reciting it only a few times, try purchasing a mala necklace. You simple close your eyes and run your fingers over each and every bead repeating your mantra out loud or in your head until you get all the way around. Anyways, hope this spoke to someone out there. I'll share our mantra for today with you:

'I express gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life and the great things that are coming.'


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