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Apr 7, 2017


Home. My favorite place in the whole wide world to be. Finally I've created a space in which I love to come home to and hate to leave. I thought it would be fun to introduce a few more home posts here and there on the blog. As most of you know I absolutely love to decorate and fine that a lot of my personal style is reflected in my home as well! We live in Provo, UT and have lived in this little 1960's rambler for a whole year now. Which is crazy. 

We got this rug from Rugs USA a few months ago and have just loved the warmth and brightness it's brought into our space throughout the winter months. I always find that adding a little pop of color in each room in the winter really helps make the cold hard months a little easier :). I did the same thing with our bedroom. I've had a ton of people ask about this style, you can find it HERE. Honestly when I was telling everyone I was going to put a pink rug in the family room they all thought I was nuts! Even my hubby. Funny thing is, he absolutely loves it now and I've never had so many questions asked about a rug before! We love the quality and affordability of Rugs USA and have had their rugs in our home since we moved here! I've got a fun giveaway coming up with them so keep your eyes peeled!

We've also been loving this couch! We bought it in November and I get quite a few questions on it as well. It's from Article. It's this one, and it's the comfiest best couch ever. So happy we decided to go with this one! I get questions about how I keep my cats from scratching my furniture and let me tell you it aint easy. I have a couple tips and tricks up my sleeve though so let me start! 

☾✰ Keep a water bottle handy: My kitties obviously hate water and I think it's safe to say that most do. Jimi is the one that really likes to 'test the waters', get it? But I haven't ever had to spray Twiggy for misbehaving. Anyways, anytime I hear Jimi scratching the furniture (when I'm around) I tell him, "No." And if he doesn't listen then I grab the squirt bottle. Most the time he runs when I go to grab it because he doesn't want to be sprayed and we've been over this before - butttt occasionally I have to remind him that's a no, no. I always offer his scratching post to him (which is around the corner) after he tries to scratch the furniture and praise him when he scratches the post. 

I know it's nearly impossible to baby sit your cat 24/7 and sometimes only a few weeks of this helps tremendously but Jimi still scratches our chair. I bought a sweater ball remover here, and I use it every 2 weeks or so on the back on these chairs to keep them looking nice and it does great on the fabric! These chairs are kind of a thick woven linen material, if you will. So hopefully that helps someone out there looking to destroy snags! I use this ball remover on our bed too and it works great. Best $8 I've ever spent. 

☾✰ On to... HOW THE EFF DO YOU HAVE A LEATHER COUCH WITH CATS. K same thing. I spray Jimi anytime he tries to scratch it. But I'm happy to report that he's never tried clawing the sides of the couch and really doesn't mess with it much. He sometimes crawls under the couch and slides and claws the bottom side, if that makes sense and he only does that when he's attention deprived. But of course, my cats do loose their shit and act up sometimes, especially when there is a storm brewing, so I've been very diligent in making sure I buff out any surface scratches from them running or doing whatever the hells cats do. I got this leather cream with a bag that was sent to me and decided to give it a whirl on the couch and it works SO GOOD. Don't be freaked out when your couch turns 50 shades darker when you first apply it. Within 24-48 hours it's all back to normal. I apply it very lightly with a cotton t shirt and it's honestly amazing. I do this like 2 or 3 times a month and just spot buff it (I don't both with the whole thing) and yeah it works great for us! Twiggy is our angel child and doesn't ever mess with the couch. That's why she gets brushed and treats everyday. Lol, not kidding. But who am I kidding Jimi does too. Sue me.

☾✰ I know this seems daunting but honestly I love my cats but I also love having furniture I actually like and I'm willing to do what it takes to make sure they're happy and the furniture doesn't get shredded. And if you're an animal lover like me, they're totally worth it. 

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments! We are going to be changing things up in this space here in the next few weeks, hello nesting. So I wanted to document how it's been the last few months for you guys and myself! 


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