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Mar 8, 2017


It's not everyday I'm a city slicker haha, I don't get out much lolz. Real talk though, I met Chantel Marie in the city to shoot a couple looks and first stop was the Rose Cafe and it didn't disappoint! After we shot this look we went inside and I enjoyed a delicious coconut creme puff and Chantel had some yummy rose infused herbal tea. So good. With that being said, I highly suggest check this little corner out in SLC. It's right be Pierpont Ave and the gateway! Such a cute little place.

Onto Pregger update. Baby is 22 weeks today! HOLY COW. She's the size of a spaghetti squash (UM WHAT) and nearly a pound. She's about 11 inches long and finally starting to look like a miniature newborn. Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and she's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums! Her eyes are formed but she doesn't yet have iris's. I can feel baby move way more than even last week. I thought she only moved at night but boy was I wrong. Seems like we've got ourselves a little wild child already. She's always up to something in there. Feeling a baby move is the CRAZIEST thing ever. I can't even explain it. It doesn't really feel like what I feel like people try and explain it as on the internet. Like I never felt little butterflies or anything like that just a THUMP out of no where. I'm assuming I didn't feel her early movements because 1 I'm a first time mama and 2 my stomach is ALWAYS gurgling (so many food issues going on here). She kicked me super hard 4 times the other night and I was certain Adam would be able to feel her but she always stops kicking as soon as he puts his hand on my stomach. Haha, stubborn gal. Like mama and pop. I can't wait for him to feel her. I know that will make him so excited! 

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*pics by chantel marie

The crib was delivered today! Yay! So exciting. We've already gotten the stroller and the last 'big' thing we need to get is her carseat. I feel like so prepared already! It's so great. I haven't really talked about my birth plan yet on any socials so I thought I'd update you guys here! So I am with the American Fork Valley Midwifes. Basically I rotate through a group of midwifes and one will be on call when I go into labor and that will be who ultimately delivers my baby. I've also hired a Doula, the amazing Liz Warren. I am sooo excited to have her additional support in this journey. I feel like I connected with her immediately and she has the best energy and ora ever so we feel so grateful to have her take part in this journey. We will be delivering at the American Fork hospital. I am planning on doing an unmedicated birth with no medical interventions (unless me or the baby is at risk). I've enrolled in a hypnobirthing class and plan to use that course to help me deliver my little one in the most calm way possible. (I know what your think, omg LOL SHE HAS NO CLUE). But I'm really excited to learn everything I can. I've done a ton of research about the birthing process and natural birthing and I just feel so passionate about it! There is nothing more divine and beautiful than to carry and child and bring it into the world. I want to experience every second of it. And feel it all. I want to feel human. That's why I chose the unmedicated hypnobirthing method :) Adam is 100% onboard and I am so grateful for his love and support! He will be attending the classes with me as well and attending our Doula appointments prior to the birth! 

So yeah! That's that. I chose a hospital rather than a birth center for my first because it just felt right. I will be able to labor in the tub and give birth in any position I feel comfortable with. I'm excited to not be strapped down and feel trapped. I can't even imagine feeling that way or feeling like numb. I would feel so smothered and I don't do that well under those kind of circumstances! Plus I react pretty terrible to most medicines and I really don't want to risk such an amazing day with a bad reaction or intolerance so I'm going el naturel. Yippee. Anywho, call me crazy. Can't wait for this chapter to continue to unfold. It's been such a great journey thus far. 



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