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Mar 15, 2017


Hi guys! Sorry I've been dead on the internet the past few days! We took a red eye flight to Bonita Springs, Florida and I've been catching some rays and napping my life away! Yay for vacations though. This one was much needed and extremely over-due. Nothing quite like sporting a baby bump on the beach. Haha. I kept asking Adam if it looks like I'm prego or it looks like I've got a beer belly. Hahah, the struggles. Anyways I love this layered look! 


pics by the ever so lovely Chantel Marie.

With awkward weather happening as of late in Utah I love layering so that I can take off layers if it does happen to get super warm all the sudden! I layered this amazing top under a short and sweet little dress and I love the way it turned out. I'm not huge on belting at the waist normally but because it helps the bump show off a little more I thought it was necessary for this look! Speaking of layers can we chat about these pretty necklaces for a second, *swoon*. They're from The 2 Bandits and it's their newest collection and it is absolute perfection! I've been loving this little bag too by Nat & Nin! Such a sweet little addition to any outfit. I just love it. I'm embracing taking small little bags around anywhere and everywhere before the baby comes and I have to upgrade to a diaper bag :) So cheers to baby bags! I'll be taking tons of pics here in the next day or so for our trip but haven't whipped out the camera yet because (sleep deprived). Oh! And baby girl kicked a whole bunch on the beach yesterday. I think we have an ocean lover :) Between the sun, cool wind and waves crashing down she seemed to be a happy little bean. Didn't want to forget that! I'll do another prego update here this week! Have a wonderful day loves! 


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