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Feb 9, 2017


(See my tiny tiny little bump?!)

Hi guys! Seems like it's been a while since I last checked in. Sorry! Life has been nuts. Between doctor appointments, photo shoots, campaigns and all the blogging jazz I haven't had a minute to catch up. I'm sure life will continue to get more and more busy but hey, bring it on. So obsessed with how this whole look turned out. I love every element of the outfit and feel like it al came together perfectly. Isn't that a good feeling? These pants really make a statement and surprisingly have room for my tiny bump. They're so comfy and super affordable so be sure to check them out with the links above. And did you notice the new blog template?? Amazing! I'll do a dedicate post for that as well. And do some tips for starting a blog and what I did to succeed. I think that'd be really useful. 

Today I'm about 18 1/2 weeks (sayyyy whattttt) so crazy. I think only 2 more weeks until I'm half way! I can't believe it. Incase you missed it, we're expecting a little baby girl coming July 12th! We have our anatomy scan coming up next month and I've very eager and excited for that. Everyone says that's the scariest ultra sound of all. But I can't wait to see our tiny girl again. 

Speaking of girl! HOLY WHAT?! I was CONVINCED it was a little boy. Like my mom bought her a truck and another boy item hahahaha. I even told her before the appt. I was 90% sure that it was a boy. I've had hardly any pregnancy symptoms so that's why I assumed it was a boy. But we're getting a little girl! Ah! So excited. She's gonna be my little best friend. 

Currently still not popped out, just have a tiny tiny little bump. It seems to increase in size as the day goes on, and then goes back away come morning. Baby girl is the size of a bell pepper and 5 1/2 inches long. She's about 7 oz. I haven't been craving much lately. Mostly healthy foods. And my body is steering me clear from dairy lately. It's like I knew I was super intolerant before the pregnancy but now my body wants nothing to do with it. I did a little food log yesterday to make sure my levels were balanced and I wasn't deficient since I've basically been eating vegan and I'm hitting everything! Which is so great! I used a program called Cronometer - https://cronometer.com/ and it's so user friendly and provides so much info. So definitely recommend giving that a go! I've been exercising just about everyday, mostly pilates and high repetition work outs. 

I've been getting headaches pretty bad at night. They come around 7:00pm and can last anywhere from an hour to a half hour. Nothing I can't handle though. I've used a little Lavender headache pillow when needed and it helps lots. I've had a bit of a late night sweet tooth though, which has been easily cured with either banana ice cream, a few jelly beans, or a few fruit snacks. Nothing major though! I think I want to do maybe a post of 'what I eat in a day' as a pregnant vegetarian. Would you guys like that?? Let me know! 

Anyways, thanks for reading as always. I love you all! And thank you to Forever21 for sponsoring this post!



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