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Feb 10, 2017


You are my love story. I feel like I've known you forever. I can't even recall what life was like before I met you. Our love story started in 2013, nearly 4 years ago and continues to unwind like I never imagined. It all began when I was third wheeling it one night and asked the fella we were with why it's so hard to find a normal, attractive, long haired man in Provo, Utah. (long hair was necessary, haha). He then showed me Adam's Instagram profile - so 21st century I know. And I was like WHAT is life. This human is gorgeous, lives in Provo and is single? FOLLOW. Like, like, like, comment. You know, just the basic creeping happening here.

Before I knew it, the likes and comments were being reciprocated. So romantic. I then got real ballsey and commented: 

Haha, little did I know at the time. Time seemed to move on. I definitely kept Adam on my radar and wasn't dating much but I had no clue how we'd ever meet. Halloween rolls around and I find myself at the all star of all all star parties across the street from my house at The Village. If you life in Provo, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, let's just say you couldn't leark around these parts of town too long. Aka meat factory. Aka let's get married. Aka you're gone. 

Low and behold Mr. Adam Kaiser was at this party. Just sitting there. Looking perfect. This was the first time I had seen him in real life. And he sure didn't disappoint. He was gorgeous. We kept making eye contact all night and I was leaning on my roommate for support. I finally whipped up enough courage to go say hi and... GONE. FOREVER. I WOULD NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. That's what it felt like. I was so mad at myself. Like... how hard is it to say hi. Until the next evening, I received a red notification via Facebook saying: 

I'm dying reading these. Hahaha. K let me continue. 

So that's where it all started. He finally got the ole' number, asked me out the following evening and it's all history from there. I knew I loved him from the first date. Which was super scary. Everything just meshed perfectly. I didn't have to pretend to be anyone else. Just me. Which by the way, finding these threads took so major digging for me, so you're welcome. We got engaged and started planning the wedding less than a year later. Why wait ya know? If you love someone. You know.

We got married in 2014 and bought our first home together in 2016. We've been through it all. And I feel like we're stronger than ever. It's crazy to think that now we have a baby on the way and we're just growing and growing as a couple and family. I'm forever grateful for this love story of mine. I can't wait to see where we are in 5 years. 

Huge thank you to Urban Outfitters for creating the #UOLoveStories campaign. I think it's been such a wonderful reminder to remember our love stories and cherish them. We are huge fans of Urban Outfitters (if you haven't noticed already) and love working with them. 

Thanks to Urban Outfitters for making our Valentines a little more sweet this year. 

Huge thank you to Eunice Beck for the photos. Check her out here.

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