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Feb 11, 2017


It's a girl! Three words I never planned on hearing together with this pregnancy!! I honestly cannot believe we are having a little girl. I'm so giddy. I secretly wanted a girl the whole time, but shhh don't tell Adam. I actually was 100% okay with whatever our little angel would be. It was weird, like after I got pregnant all I cared about having was a healthy baby. That's it. Nothing else seemed to matter. 

We found out the gender of baby girl Kaiser when I was 17 1/2 weeks. It was the scariest/most exciting day of my life. Even more so than the wedding! I was anxious all day and when the time had finally come I could hardly contain myself. She was being a little bit stubborn for about 10 minutes and then all the sudden we found out she was a girl! So exciting. 

Thanks Maddy (little sister) for the pictures! Also, my beautiful dress is from Filly Boo Maternity. I've never been more obsessed! I got inspiration for our reveal from Pinterest. Here's a link to the DIY. Yes, I made that giant globe, yes it costed WAY more than I was expecting, but YES it worked out perfectly. No regrets here. 

Back on the girl thing. I was 90% convinced that baby Kaiser was a boy. I even had my mom convinced! She bought her some toy trucks!! Haha! I've had such a smooth easy pregnancy and I didn't think it would be humanly possibly for her to be a her! I have had hardly any morning sickness and I haven't felt super moody or crazy. So I guess I'm just super lucky. STILL FREAKING OUT SHE'S A GIRL. I went on my first shopping rampage last week after we found out. I was just so excited and felt like it was a good way to bond with the little one and nest a bit. 

Actually, funny thing is on our pregnancy announcement to our family we made a video and titled it, 'It's A Boy.' We had also said, 'We're hoping you're a boy!' Haha, which seems so funny now. We're so excited for our little girl and I know Adam has definitely warmed up to the fact that he's gonna have a little girl wrapped around his finger in a few months. 

I really wanted Adam to document his feelings about finding out it was a girl so we could look back on this and remember it!


I knew it was a girl. Leading up to the appointment I was super nervous. I wanted a boy so bad that I knew my thoughts had willed us into a girl haha This sounds sad, but I thought I was going to be really disappointed when they finally confirmed my intuition, but sitting in that room seeing our baby  in the ultra sound made me so excited and all that mattered was that she was ours. I didn't know what the crap we were looking at on the screen, but all of a sudden Alexis yelled "Its a girl" and my heart melted. Any and all disappointment left me and I got really excited, until I pictured her being a teen, then my excitement turned to fear. Can't wait to meet our little princess!

So that's that! It's a girl. And we are stoked. Still working on names, and of course that'll be a secret until the end! We can't wait to meet her. Here are some pictures from the appointment we got of her! 

Baby girl saying hi!

Curled up in a little ball.

Giving us a thumbs up! She's doing good in there.

Side note: When we decided to tell my dad the gender after the appointment, we FaceTimed him and said we were going to tell him. He said, wait wait wait, let me go with my first guess I think it's a girl. And he said to give him a thumbs up or thumbs down. So I flipped the camera over to the picture where she's giving us a thumbs up and we all died laughing. Such a joyous amazing moment. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly hahaha. I wanted to remember that because it really tug at the ole' heart strings.


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