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Jan 23, 2017


This year I've set a goal to wear less makeup, put less heat on my hair and embrace all that has been given to me naturally. Sometimes I would just cake so much make up on and feel so gross and I couldn't wait to wash it all off and I was tired of feeling that way. Or feeling that I spent loads and loads of time getting ready all for what? I feel beautiful with less makeup on, I love my crazy natural waves. So why am I trying so hard to be something I'm not. I feel just as beautiful, if not more beautiful when I enhance my natural beauty as opposed to covering it all up. Just some food for thought! I'm sure at some point in your life you've heard something quite similar to this. 

Anyways, onto natural beauty. Pink House Organics is a brand I've been using and absolutely LOVING for the past month. They are handmade organic and natural products and I'm literally HOOKED. Let me start with their deodorant. Thee best aluminum free/natural deodorant I've ever, ever used. My hubby actually uses it now! And if it can tame him, it can tame anyone! Haha. It's funny too because I thought I had found like the best of the best deodorant at our local health food store and after I tried this I couldn't believe I even thought that one was good. We use their 'Pit Potion in Organic Mandarin' and we won't be using anything else! And it's so nice knowing that their products are genuinely amazing and have only good ingredients. They have an amazing back story here, I highly encourage you to read into why they're such an amazing company.

In these pictures I'm also using my favorite glow sticks! I used a mixture of Copper and Rose Gold for my bronzer/contour and I used Ice on all the high points of my face. These products are soooo easy to use and come in a stick form and I apply with my fingers and gently tap until blended. So quick, so natural looking and blend like a gem. I love having dewy skin and having it look healthy and glowy all year long so these have been perfect for the dry winter months! 

I finished off this look with a little bit of their Lip Love Double Double which gives my lips just enough color but not over-kill. I've been digging tinted lip balms and this one sure doesn't disappoint. So moisturizing, smells amazing, tastes amazing and looks so pretty and natural. I keep it right next to my skin in arms reach at all times. Pink House Organics has sooo many other amazing products and I can't wait to try them all! I will definitely be a long term customer of theirs and I had to share the love with you guys! Be sure to let me know if you have any additional questions about Pink House Organics. I'd love to help answer any. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram, they're feed is sooo cute. 

Pregnancy Update - 15 Weeks

Onto the pregnancy update! Today I'm 15 weeks. The baby is the size of an apple and I'm still not really showing. Sometimes at night after I've eaten all day long my bump comes to say hi a little bit but is gone in the morning, haha. The baby is about 4 inches long and 2 1/2 oz. I'm still super tired but I've been exercising and drinking tons of water and napping when I need to! I haven't had any crazy cravings this week. I've just been kind grossed out my eggs lately, at least preparing them. It just grosses me out IDK. Haha. I've been on a cooking kick lately and been using my cookbook The Forest Feast almost every night. I've NEVER been disappointed with a recipe prepared from that cook book and that makes me pretty stoked out of my mind. Still eating tons of fruit and veggies and dark leafy greens. Loving smoothies still, yogurt and fruit, and roasted veggies for din din. Anxious as ever about finding out the gender of this little human. It actually gives me anxiety most the time not knowing but I try to chill myself out because I don't need my heart rate any higher haha. Next week is the week!! Can't come soon enough. We will announce to friends and family that Sunday so keep your eyes peeled for that! Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! 



  1. I've been using the Mandarin Pit Potion as well. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and can't imagine putting nasty chemicals right into my milk ducts. I'd rather be smelly, but I'm glad I don't have to ;) I'm looking forward to trying the glow sticks eventually too.
    Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy!

  2. I have the same goals with makeup & no heat on my hair! That brand is local to me and I have really been wanting to try their products!!


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