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Jan 5, 2017


If there is one thing that unfortunately me and Adam have in common it's that we both fight terrible eczema! We're had problems with it since forever and I feel like we've just about tried every single product out there. I think the first time I discovered Skinfix was actually from a subscription box and Adam started using it on his eczema on his hand and it immediately took it away. I picked some up after he went through that bottle and we've had it in arms reach since! I struggle with eczema on the back on my legs and I just can't stand when it gets itchy. If you know the struggle, you know the struggle. NOTHING is worse than itchy legs at night. I always pull out my Skinfix and it literally takes away the redness and itch within minutes. 

I love using their hand soap in the kitchen during the winter too because my hands have literal scales on them from the desert winter. Plus I wash my hands like a gazillion times when I cook so it definitely has some wear and tear on them! I like to keep the hand lotion near by so I can moisturize right after washing to avoid any unnecessary drying out. Again, if you know, you know. 

I also love that their products are natural, free from synthetic chemicals, parabens, hydrocortisone, steroids, and fragrances. Their products are natural and made with wound healing botanicals and emollient protective oils.

Also, Skinfix formulas do not contain paraben based preservative systems. Their healing balms are “anhydrous” and contain no water in the formulas and therefore have no risk of growing bacteria or mold. Their balm formulas “self preserve” themselves and don’t require preservatives.

Anyways, if you're out there struggling with eczema I 100% recommend giving Skinfix a go. I'd recommend it to anyone and can provide a sure testimony of the success and quality of their products. You can also get their products at Target and like, who doesn't want an excuse to go to Target whenever possible? Ammmmiiiiriggghhttt? 

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