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Jul 11, 2016

Mondays Are For The Birds ☾✰

Another Monday is here and it's well... Monday! I try to use my Monday's to get motivated for the rest of the week. Plan ahead and organize my work so that I can chill the rest of the week. 'Chill' in blogger terms. There is no chill. Haha, I've always got something on my mind! But I do think that Monday's should be a little less frowned on. Come on people!! Let's get moving! Any who, me and Adam had the funnest weekend ever! On Saturday we woke up, when on a hike to Stewart Falls, rode our bikes to the farmers market, came home and relaxed and I made a yummy dinner! On Sunday we got up, had breakfast together and took tons of pictures for my blog up the Alpine Loop (it was sooo beautiful) and it was a super productive day as well! I love when we get outside and have fun. You almost have to go up in the mountains in Utah during the summer because the valley gets so warm. 

I'm obsessed with graphic tees you already know that. And this one I thought was hilarious because of well... Monday's. Mood. Haha. Enjoy. 

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Pictures by my love.


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