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I'm super excited for this post you guys! Today I've teamed up with Plexus Yoga to show you guys how I use my yoga wheel! Here's a little bit about yoga wheels incase you're not familiar :)

Before the yoga wheel, the wheel pose has long been a favorite for opening up the spine as well as the solar plexus chakra (the word chakraitself, meaning wheel). An open solar plexus chakra gives self-worth, self-power, and self-esteem. We couldn’t think of a better thing to represent.

Also, Plexus Yoga gives back and I think that's so important! Here's a bit about their mission: 

Thousands of people die on our planet everyday due to no access to clean drinking water. This is why we've chosen to team up with WaterAid India. For every wheel purchased, YOU will be providing clean, safe water to a person in India for more than a decade! Over 76 million people in India are without access to safe water. With India being the birth-place of yoga, we feel an especial obligation.

I love my yoga wheel because it allows me to do yoga poses I would of never dreamed of doing. I come from a family of chronic back pain and because of a terrible car accident I was in I suffer from back pain. I feel a HUGE sense of relief when using my yoga wheel to help assist with challenging poses. And what's even more amazing is that it really makes very 'basic' yoga poses extremely challenging. 

Use my code ALEXISJADEKAISER15 for $ off at checkout

I'm using the 12' standard yoga wheel :) 

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