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Feb 10, 2016

New Year Fashion Resolutions


I teamed up with Boohoo Official to focus on my New Year Fashion Resolutions. Aka, what items, clothing, accessories and trends I'm looking forward to for 2016. Me? Sticking with solid basics in 2016. I want to absolutely NAIL my basics this year and keep things a little more simple. Simple has kinda been my mantra this year. I'm all about finding the PERFECT leather jacket. The PERFECT pair of jeans. And a killer pair of boots

What are your 2016 Fashion Resolutions?? Comment below! Hope you love this look! I had SO much fun putting it together! I can't wait to keep things edgy (don't forget that word) but more simple. Basics are best. 

P.S. lets take a moment to appreciate the cuteness of this donut purse. K BYE. Even my mom wants it. Also these boots are under $30.00!!!! Like, I've been searching for platforms all winter and they're sooo overpriced. These are unbelievably comfortable too. And you can get an additional 25% off right now! 


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