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Feb 20, 2016

No Coffee? Home Drama

I love myself a good graphic tee. They are always such a staple in my closet. Whether you throw them on under a sweater or under a leather jacket they're the bees knees. I mean seriously who hasn't heard that before. Haha. Also, bell bottoms that are made from ribbed sweater fabric? Bye. 

Best thing ever invented.

As you can see from these pictures we captured them in our bedroom. Putting together a new house has been exhausting. Both financially and physically. But after working my butt off for about a month-in-a-half now I feel at peace with my new little abode. I really reallyyyyyy love how everything looks. I'm going to slowly start doing reveals of each and every bedroom and feature some of the amazing brands that have helped put our home together! 

But that's not getting around the fact that we've just about had every bad possible thing happen to our home. I want to document it here so I don't forget -- note to myself maybe this will be funny in 10 years... idk? 

Flood in basement,
Tore out the basement ceiling.
Leak in kitchen sink. 
Leak in toilet,
Get new toilet.
Snake the sewage -- oh so conveniently not covered by our home warranty.
Dryer we bought didn't fit. 
Return dryer. 
Buy new dryer.
Leaking water valve to washing machine. 
Call plumber (round 2). 
Leak in roof (first snow melt).
Leaks through to dry wall - awesome. 
Alexis adventures onto the roof and manages to tarp over the leak.
Almost blows away.
Almost dies. 
Used a log to pull self onto the roof. 

That's it. So far. Knock on wood. F you house I can DIY anything now.

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