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Jan 21, 2016

Vanity Planet X Alternative indigo

hi guys! i haven't really talked about skin care as of late soooo here i am! i think previously i've mentioned the vanity planet spin for perfect skin brush before but here i am mentioning it again because it's definitely a staple to my weekly skin care routine! they came out with the cutest colors ever this season and i decided on the pretty coral one! i really love this brush because honestly i feel like i'm an over exofilator. i can't really find a happy medium with a scrub. i feel like i just get so anal that i scrub my face off and lets be real that's not the goal of exfoliation!

that's why i feel like having a spin brush is super important! it exfoliates way better and more gentle than any scrub can! and that's why i'm hooked. i like to spin 2-3 times a week after removing my make up to help remove dead skin and get some new skin cells comin!

But the brush doesn't just help removed dead skin and get some new cells coming it also:

- helps with radiance
- removes bacteria
- reduces pore sizes
- has 4 attachments (as shown)
- you can use it in the shower or out of the shower!

i've also been obsessed with skin scrubs as of late. i loveeeee this one by vanity planet. it's their bru essential body scrub. works amazing, i love the smell and it's packed with cocoa, coffee, dead sea salt and coconut to help energize and firm skin! who doesn't need some extra firming in these winters months. haha. but for real. i really love both of these products and they are essential to making it through the week!

i've got some killer deals for you guys! 

For the Spin for Perfect Skin Brush:
Use coupon code: indigospin here
And receive 70% off, bringing the price from $100 to $30

For the Bru Essential Body Scrub:
Use coupon code: alexisbru here
And receive 50% off, bringing the price from $30 to $15


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  1. I wear large normally. I ordered medium size for these scrubs and they fit great. We actually went ahead and bought 3 more comfort scrubs in different colors! Will definitely buy again.


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