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Jan 18, 2016

Burn Your Bra

let me be just a little bit honest with you. jeans. i dread them. i hate shopping/buying/trying on jeans. i hate it. why? i'm 5'10" and not shrinking anytime soon; not to mention i've got a waist that doesn't get along well with my butt. i've got a little more junk in the truck than the jean companies think should be back there.

i got my hands to these two pairs of jeans from revice denim and i'm like k..... could their jeans be anymore perfectly designed for me? nah. impossible. i couldn't resist these darling little graphic tee's (here and here) either that are like perfectly weathered and soooo soft. what's even more crazy is i can even cuff my jeans at the top of my booties. that's never happened before.

i wore these mom jeans to veloure's 10 year anniversary the other evening and got so many compliments. these are kinda mom jeans that you just feel like a freakin milf. they hug everywhere they're supposed to and fall away from your body with perfection in all the right places. and lets talk about the little braid detail on the skinnies. k bye. enough. the wash. the fit. the detail. everything. plus they're the perfect price for those jeans you need to last.

going on to the perfect outfit-- i paired these shop beston booties (here and here) with both these looks because i felt like they tied it all in sooo perfectly. shop beston has theeee cutest shoes and they're super affordable and such good quality.

moving has been crazy. i will slowly start showing you guys special places in my home as they come together. and you know what? sometimes you just need to dress up in your favorite clothes in your favorite corner of the house. bye.

shop the post: 
look 1
tee c/o revice denim
pants c/o revice denim 
shoes c/o shop beston 

look 2 
tee c/o revice denim
pants c/o revice denim
shoes c/o shop beston
hat c/o third stone

Thank you Revice Denim and Shop Beston for sponsoring this post! Thank you to all my readers that support the brands that support this blog!


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