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you guys know the hash tag #targetdoesitagain? do you know why? because they done do it. target kills it, with almost everything and anything they carry. with that being said i'm super excited to share with you guys one of my new favorite brands called raw sugar. just a little background -- i have terrible eczema. like so bad. so bad i wake up in the night and just scratch. because i swear everything irritates it. raw sugar is made with coldpress technology, they call themselves a 'healthier beauty brand'. which i'm all for. all their products are natural plant based formulas infused with organic extracts. they also have eco friendly packaging (have i convinced you yet). annnndddd the cherry on top? they donate a bar of soap each time one is purchased. magic.

natural. cruelty free. organic. plant based. eco-friendly. healthy. safe. paraben free.

basically life. and i can honestly say i can use this product everyday and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. no itchy, scratchy restless nights and i still smell like a little delicious fruit flower because of all the natural extracts in the soap.

pick up your raw sugar soaps at your local target or here!

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Alexis Kaiser

Alexis Kaiser

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