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Oct 14, 2015

Alternative indigo x Urban Outfitters

hi! so super super excited about this post! i literally collaged it before picking my fall picks from urban outfitters, haha embarassing [a little] but i'm a very visual person. and what better way to put together the perfect out than to literally collage in on a word document. just like my dad would have [that's a good thing dad if you're reading this]. haha. the leaves are changing, the air smells different and fall is coming in hot! and im soooo excited to cozy up and sweaters, slippers, sip on warm drinks & soak up all things of this season.

if you are feeling a bit intimidated about fall and what fabrics and colors to reach for. have no fear. i really thought out this outfit, from the colors, to the textures to the styles and fits to bring to you what i feel is the perfect fall wardrobe essentials. for this fall say yes to warm rich autumn colors, ie: mustard, burnt orange, emerald green, navy blue, deep berry. all the good stuff. say yes to crops with high waisted skirts, overalls, pants, shorts layered with cardigans! yes yes yes. and definitely say yes to your not so basic basic black tight. say yes to middy skirts, of all colors and patterns and say yes to ANYTHING suede and ANYTHING {most anything} puffy. aka. puffy coat.

i feel so lucky to have picked out this outfit from my dear friends at urban outfitters and can't wait to continue to make good vibes only with them!

pics by the one and only: chantel marie photography

*Big thanks to Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post!




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