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Oct 13, 2015

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hiii hiiii hiiiiii. ugh. i've just felt like poop lately, anyone else feel me? like constant head ache, dry itchy skin? like don't get me wrong i love the seasons changing but it's got me in a major fog. i do suffer a bit with seasonal depression, i just feel a bit, incomplete every time the seasons change and then i snap out of it and life is good. so we are good.

we went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and omg. funnest activity ever. haha i'm going to be the best parent ever someday because i'm still such a child at heart. i loved picking the most perfect round pumpkin with the cutest stem and then petting the happiest pigs i've ever seen in my life. a little one was like oinking and eating a pumpkin and i just couldn't handle the cuteness.

anyways. i'm feeling festive again, festive enough to let christmas decorations roll around anyyyytime now.

haha, ugh. never living in the moment. need to. happy happy. k bye.

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