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Sep 29, 2015

How To Decorate Small Spaces w/ Secret Haven

alright. lets just start by saying i am obsessed with decorating. like, any and every holiday there is to celebrate i celebrate so hard and make sure my whole house looks and smells like that holiday. i can't help it. i get it from my mama, she's the same way, i was probably decorating her insides to my liking before i was born [ew gross tmi] but that kinda puts things into perspective. haha.

i was lucky enough to team up with secret haven and do a how to decorate small spaces for halloween! now, for those of you that don't know secret haven it is an old cherry factory that was converted into this amazing, over-the-top, delicious smelling, decorations galore shop! they literally have anything and everything you could possibly imagine in your wildest dreams and more [not to mention you literally can't wrap your head around the place until you see it] i'm talking wreaths, place mats, dishes, candles, bath and body stuff, clothes, jewelry, ribbon, ornaments, gadgets, e v e r y t h i n g.

every year they host [insert season] open houses and all the beautiful mama's and workers get decked out and blend beautifully with the ora of the store. i literally like get soooo excited just thinking about it. they just had their halloween open house [yes i drove an entire hour just to get my hands on some goods, you should too]. and it blew. me. away.

they have everything from your traditional, very conservative halloween decorations to over the top whimsical amazingness. it literally appeals to anyone. and that's why my heart has grown so fond of secret haven. i actually grew up helping my mom carefully unwrap each and every ornament that came in and would leave covered in sparkles. haha.

anyways, ladies, gentleman, i dono who reads this. if you are a utah local native, lucky for you this amazing shop is only a drive away. for those of you across the world that aren't native to utah, and you happen to be in the area, you h a v e to stop by secret haven [i mean its in the name]. there are only a few weeks left of halloween season before they swap out for christmas so don't miss out! let me know if you go!! this is what i did with the amazing help of secret haven to me and my husbands humble abode. hope you enjoy!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secret.haven.at.the.rockloft
instagram: https://instagram.com/haven_secret/
address: 251 s mountain road, fruit heights, utah
phone number: (801) 544-3766
*Thank you Secret Haven for sponsoring this post


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