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Sep 30, 2015

Threads // Fall Come Sooner

i am freakin obsessed with this outfit. like everything. first, lets talk about how i finally have pink hair again and feel so much better and like my life is back together. its weird how when you go a fashion color and then you go back to a natural color you feel soooo different. like idk. i am so happy to be pink again, which btw, yes i experienced some damage but thanks to [bombshell extensions] i have a full head of tape in extensions that we cut to my natural length of hair to fill in spots and add a little fulness and i'm in love.

this top and these jeans have been my go to staples for this fall. likeeeee, yeah how couldn't they? this top from dolkii x free people is amaze, i love how baggey it is [i'm pro baggey sorry] and i love the fit. and the color, likeeee it's definitely my favorite shirt of the moment. i think i'm legit going to buy every single color. these jeans are from secret haven [check out my most recent post with them here] and i totally love the fit, they're distressed but not too much and they have the perfect boyfriend fit. yes. winning. 

and how cute is this little tote? shhhhh. can't talk about it until the 5th. but stay tuned for a instagram post on it then! i will link link link. and its soooo affordable you will die. 

also, these earrings are my yes yes yes for whenever i pull my hair up, the perfect simple yet boldness of them is fleek. [hate that word] but you feel me? i'm doing a giveaway for these precious things tomorrow so stay tuned! 

well i just love you guys! xo

instagram: https://instagram.com/dolkii/
website: http://www.dolkii.com/
instagram: https://instagram.com/haven_secret/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secret.haven.at.the.rockloft
etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AVILLAjewelry
instagram: https://instagram.com/avilla_jewelry/
*Thank you Dolkii, Secret Haven, Avilla Jewelry & LA2LA Designs for sponsoring this post!

top c/o dolkii
pants c/o secret haven
earrings c/o avilla jewelry
purse c/o _____________ go to my instagram october 5th and find out :) 
extensions c/o bombshell extensions 
rings c/o tranquil designs 

p.s. i'm wearing NYX lip color simply vamp in this shade

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