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Aug 24, 2015

Threads// Bliss

10 things
1. i've almost been married for a year
2. i don't really care for meat, not because i don't like the taste, just because i don't ever really want it
3. i love lace, and i love white
4. we re did basically our whole house this weekend and i'm exhausted
5. life is beautiful, even with allergies
6. i'm 5'10" most people don't have any clue of this monstrosity
7. my husband is the nicest biggest goober i've ever known
8. we have two kids, aka cats. they're crazy. and good preparation
9. i love fall, totally switched all the decor over, including pumpkin wall flowers
10. i'm over summer. bring on hocus pocus and christmas

white lace set// dolkii x somedays lovin hat// free people turquoise// tranquil designs

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