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Aug 29, 2015

Alternative indigo x Urban Outfitters

these amazing macrame hangers are from lark and arrow.
link here.

what i love most about our home is its the sliver of calm in this bustling city.

home is so important to me. its where i come home, unwind and get to relax and feel, well at home. 
your home is representation of you as an individual. i feel confident saying my home perfectly represents me. i was fortunate enough to collaborate with urban outfitters to add some of their apartment section to my house. i don't think i've ever had such a hard time choosing items in my whole life. i hope this post finds you well and you enjoy walking into my home. 

Alternative indigo

shop the post here....

feel free to comment below if you want to know where all my other items are from! i'd ove to provide info and links. 


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