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Sep 30, 2014

Bloke Coffee Scrub

Hello lovelies!! I am so happy to bring to you another giveaway! Featuring a product that I am absolutely THRILLED about! Introducing.... Bloke Coffee Scrub. Bloke Coffee Scrub is a simple coffee body scrub that targets rough skin, cellulite and stretch marks! It's $14.95 + Free USA Shipping! It's organic and vegan. Aka, cruelty free. My jam. It only takes 5-10 minutes for this magic to take place!

I've been using Bloke's Coffee Scrub for about a week before hosting this giveaway! And I could not be more happy to share it with you guys. The scrub is rejuvenating, smells amazing, and leaves the most wonderful fragrance and moisture to your skin after using it! I've especially noticed a huge difference in my skin (blemishes) and my eczema!

Win 4 bags of scrub, 1 for you and 3 friends. To enter follow @blokebody and @alexisjadekaiser on Instagram and tag 3 friends you would share with! 

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 6th, 12:00pm MST! Happy winning babes! ♥

More questions about the scrub??  
Check out their FAQ's


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  1. I feeeeel like using this and having a beauty day :O



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